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  • January 6th, 2010

    January 6, 2010:
    Jake to Left…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:55 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts Comment (1)


    Apparently so–for the 2010 campaign, Jacoby Ellsbury will move from center field to play the position vacated by Jason Bay, and play left field, allowing center fielder Mike Cameron to play in his natural position…

    It makes sense–Jake is fast and young, and can adapt–why make the veteran, who has won 3 gold gloves in center, learn another position. From Tito: “(Jacoby) did a great job. I think he was probably a little disappointed when I called him, which I understand. But I think, as far as our team goes, this has a chance to really make us better, and that’s what we’re trying to do…it’s not [a demotion]. If Jacoby would have played center field for us next year, I would have been just fine with that. Again, depending on who we have on our team, it’s my job to put guys where I think we’ll be the strongest… I know there will be a day in Jacoby’s career where he goes back to center. Just for the way we’re built now, this makes us a better team.”

    Just because I didn’t want Casey Kotchman as the everyday 1st baseman (which was only to be because Mike Lowell was traded and Youk would be playing 3rd) doesn’t mean I didn’t like him off the bench. But since the Sox acquired Adrian Beltre, who will play 3rd, Youk will stay at 1st, so the Sox decided to trade Kotchman to the Mariners, where he will play everyday 1st to Chone Figgins’ everyday 3rd…

    As part of the trade, the Sox will be a minor leaguer, cash, and, more than likely, major league utility player Bill Hall, who, over 8 seasons in the bigs, is a career .251 hitter with 104 home runs.

    Jason Bay had his coming out party with the Mets yesterday, and, in a classy move, had this to say about the Sox: “I enjoyed my time, enjoyed my teammates, loved the city, loved the fans. I think it was a real good precursor to being here.

    At 2:00pm today, the Baseball Hall of Fame and the BBWAA made the announcement we have all been waiting for: Andre Dawson, in his 9th attempt, was elected into the Hall of Fame as the only player in the 2010 class–and the 292nd member of the baseball community to be elected…

    Garnering 77.9% of the votes (405 votes was the magic number to get to 75% this year), The Hawk joins manager Whitey Herzog, umpire Doug Harvey, (both elected last month by the Veterans Committee), Bill Madden, winner of the Taylor Spink Award for baseball writing, and whomever wins The Ford C. Frick Award for broadcasting, which will be announced on February 1st, for induction at the ceremonies on July 25th in Cooperstown…

    Favorites for this year, Pitcher Bert Blyleven, on the ballot for the 13th time, was short 5 votes (74.2%) and 1st timer Roberto Alomar, was short 8 (73.7%).

    Here is how the rest shook out:

    Hall of Fame

    Looks like Matt Holliday is now off the block as well, agreeing to the most expensive deal in Cardinal history–a 7 year, $120 million pact, which includes a no-trade clause, and a $17 million vesting option for 2017, which kicks in if he is in the top 10 in National League MVP voting in 2016.

    Finally, the end of a Big Era–the Big Unit variety, as Randy Johnson announced his retirement after 22 major league season. The winner of 303 games, 5 Cy Young’s, and on 10 All-Star teams, he ranks 2nd in strikeouts, all time…And, of course, someone already asked him which hat he would wear into the Hall (cause you KNOW he will be a 1st rounder)and he had this to say: “That’s a good question. It’s really a decision that’s out of my control. I’m not even 24 hours into my retirement. I’ll consult with whoever I have to consult with.”

    Coming up: Truck Day has been announced! 5 weeks this Friday, on February 12th, New England Household Moving and Storage will pack everything that is Spring Training for the Red Sox and take the 2 day, 1,467 mile jaunt to Fort Myers Florida, arriving sometime on Valentine’s Day. Whoo Hoo!

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    Jake to Left…”

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