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  • Archive for December, 2009

    December 9, 2009
    Winter Meetings, Day 3…

    Still pretty quiet on the Red Sox front–the only big news of the winter meetings is the Skanks will be getting Curtis Granderson from the Tigers as part of a 3-way deal with the Tigers and the Diamondbacks–and now everyone is all aflutter that the Sox should have gotten to him 1st… Really? Well, the […]

    December 8, 2009:
    Winter Meetings, Day 2….

    Nothing super spectacular happened as of yet, just some rumblings that there are some super deals in the works–pretty much just like every other year… There is a very really possibility that Jason Bay could sign with Seattle, despite the fact that he was very happy in Boston. Rumor has it that he is willing […]

    December 5, 2009:
    Great Jason Varitek Fundraiser!

    Holy Buckets! This is a WAY cool chance to help those in need, and to have the chance to win a once in a lifetime experience. For just $10, you get FIVE chances to win and help Jason Varitek and his fundraiser, Jason Varitek’s Captain’s Dinner, and Celebrities for Charity Foundation continue to make donations […]

    December 4, 2009:
    The Marco Scutaro Experiment…

    Ya know, the Sox have had like a BILLION shortstops (OK, actually, it was only 6 starters–but the total is 20, if you include the bench players…) since Nomar, so forgive me if I am not all aflutter with the news the Sox have signed Marco Scutaro… I just hope he is better than Edgar […]

    December 2, 2009:
    Dustin Pedroia–Shortstop?????

    Holy Buckets! Could this really happen? Could Dustin Pedroia slide over the shortstop, filling the gap and stopping the revolving door that has been that position since Nomar left? If you ask Pedroia, the answer is a resounding “yes!”: “They’ve asked me if I think I could play shortstop. They’ve put it out there, and […]

    December 1, 2009:
    Happy Arbitration Day!

    As it is every year, December 1st marks the day that teams offer their eligible players arbitration. Red Sox players who qualify: Bill Wagner and Jason Bay (both Type A Free Agents) All players offered arbitration have 1 week (until December 7th) to accept or reject arbitration. Well, so much for A-Gon: I know the […]

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