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  • December 15th, 2009

    December 15, 2009:
    Best Rotation in Baseball?

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:49 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (4)

    While John Lackey is not my 1st choice, I do agree with the assessment that he is one the best pitchers available this off season, and that the Angels will be hurt without him. I also believe that you will not find a better 1-2-3 punch in baseball–Lackey, Beckett, and Lester…

    So the Sox sign this 31 pitcher to a 5-year, $82.5 million contract–which I guess is what it took–But 5 years for a 31 year old pitcher concerns me…as does the $17 million a year…

    I wish the Sox were getting Doc Halladay, but he is probably going to the Phillies–with Cliff Lee going to Seattle. Can you even imagine how DOMINANT Halladay will be in the National League??? And why on EARTH the Phillies would give up Cliff Lee is beyond me…he is an amazing pitcher–and the only 1 that was able to beat the Skanks in the World Series…

    Another deal made yesterday was the 2-year, $16 million one given to outfielder Mike Cameron, of course, subject to the required physical. Despite being a center fielder for most of his career, winning a gold glove 3 times in the position, the 37-year old has stated he would move to a corner outfield spot on a contending team. He is a career .250 hitter with 265 home runs, but strikes out–ALOT…

    Guess this pretty much means Jason Bay will not be back–and it seems now the Skanks are now looking at him too…

    And while I am glad the baseball season will begin a few days earlier than expected–I just wish it wasn’t against the Skanks. But, of course, the only reason this game is rating the coveted ESPN 8:00pm Sunday night time slot is because is the Sox and the Skanks…So the 1st game of the 2010 campaign for the Sox will be Sunday, April 4, at Fenway on ESPN2…The other 2 games of the 3-game opening series are TBA…

    And we are STILL waiting on the Mike Lowell deal–now there is concerns that he needs thumb surgery, and that this is a sticking point…There is no time frame to complete this deal–although its interesting to note that the Angels are looking for Mike to DH–or play FIRST base…While I hate hate HATE this deal, and wish like hell it wasn’t happening–you can’t put the milk back in the cow–and you certainly cannot expect Mike to play for the Sox after this shabby treatment–so get it done already…

    Looks like the time of the Godzilla in NYC is done, as Hideki Matsui will be signing a 1-year $6.5 million contract with the Angels to be their DH–Guess that means that Vlad Guerrero, who is also a free agent, will not be returning to Anaheim…

    Coming up: The Hot Stove continues to heat up–so why do I feel so apathetic about it?

    4 Responses to “December 15, 2009:
    Best Rotation in Baseball?”

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