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  • December 10th, 2009

    December 10, 2009:
    Mike Lowell to the Rangers????

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:32 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    For a freaking MINOR LEAGUER????

    Are you ^*@#&(*#@^*&#@^*&@^ KIDDING me???

    I understand that baseball is a business–really I do…but does that mean people need to be treated shabby? Not only would they be getting a minor leaguer CATCHER (Max Ramirez) for the man who was the 2007 WORLD SERIES MVP, but they are paying most of his $12 million salary due him next year, just to unload him! I know he isn’t the same player he was in 2007, but he is better than this treatment…

    And then to add insult to injury, folks are talking about Nick freaking Johnson–Yes, Mr. “What’s my Role?” when he played for the Skanks…He could play 1st and then Youk would move to 3rd…

    Personally, the only move that would make this even a little bit palatable is for the Sox to sign Adrian Beltre–and even that doesn’t help that much…because while Adrian Beltre is probably a better 3rd baseman these days–Lowell is STILL a better hitter…

    This freaking SUCKS…in about 17 different colors…

    And while Milton Bradley is a very talented player–he is a major head case–AND he was described as “despised” in the Cubs clubhouse–why would the Sox be looking into a player like that? I don’t care how good a player is–having that kind of feeling permeate a team, and you’ve got a heap of trouble….and I am not even sure that Tito’s calming influence would help in this case…Carl Everett flashbacks! Carl Everett flashbacks!

    Looks like the Angels may be dropping out of the Jason Bay sweepstakes, as they really need to focus on other needs, but it looks like the Mets may be taking their place…There is a 4-year, $60 million offer from the Sox that Jason Bay has turned down–what is it going to take to get it done?

    And did you hear the rumor? If they cannot sign Jason Bay, The Sox may have interest in reacquiring Coco Crisp for Center, and moving Jacoby Ellsbury to Left….COCO CRISP? AGAIN? Egads…

    And HOLY BUCKETS!  Boof Bonser to the Sox???  I know that he was designated for assignment earlier in the week to make room for, of all people, Carl Pavano, (still need to send that fruit basket to his wife, as it was her decision he play for the Skanks–and then made what, 4 starts for them?) but never thought the Sox would actually sign him.  During his 3 years with the Twins he was 18-25 with a  5.12 ERA, although he missed all of the 2009 campaign after  having shoulder surgery in February.  So maybe he is one of those reclamation projects Theo is so fond of–but the advantage to him is he has actually pitched in the American League…

    Its official, the Sox will have 2 pitches named Ramon Ramirez in 2010. From Theo about RR #2: “He’s a versatile guy who’s had a lot of success out of the bullpen… (He also has) the ability to start and carry some innings. He’s started quite a bit. He’s a guy who’s a strike thrower with a good changeup who our scouts like, and can come into camp and compete for a variety of roles….”

    The Rule 5 draft began at 9:00am this morning, which is where “eligible players left unprotected from their clubs’ 40-man rosters may be selected for $50,000. A player selected must remain on his drafting team’s active Major League roster during the following season or be sent back to the original club for $25,000.” The teams select based on their records for last year (The Nationals are 1st, the Skanks Last, and the Sox are 28th) Also, the team selecting must have less than a full complement on their 40 man–The Sox currently have 37…

    Coming up: Day 4 of the Winter Meetings are wrapping up–with nothing earth shattering to report…yet…

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    Mike Lowell to the Rangers????”

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