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  • December 9th, 2009

    December 9, 2009
    Winter Meetings, Day 3…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:58 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    Still pretty quiet on the Red Sox front–the only big news of the winter meetings is the Skanks will be getting Curtis Granderson from the Tigers as part of a 3-way deal with the Tigers and the Diamondbacks–and now everyone is all aflutter that the Sox should have gotten to him 1st…

    Really? Well, the Sox probably could have gotten him, but they would have had to give up That Clay Person and Jacoby Ellsbury–which seems rather steep…

    One good thing about the Granderson deal: Chances are the Melky Cabrera Era is over….Can’t freaking STAND him…

    The Commissioner is coming home: Having been with ESPN since 1989, Peter Gammons will join the MLB Network, and MLB.com, as an analyst, both on-air and on-line AND NESN, where he will serve as a studio analyst and reporter…From Gammo: “After 40 years covering baseball, the opportunity to move on to MLB Network is a great and daunting opportunity. My journalistic life has revolved around baseball, and to be involved with people whose network is devoted to baseball, and baseball only, is something I look forward to with excitement. We all wish pitchers and catchers reported tomorrow. One of the greatest things about baseball is that it is held to a higher standard than any other sport, which holds those of us who care about it to a higher standard. I hope I can contribute to that standard.” Yay!

    I freaking HATE when they do this: Apparently Manny Delcarmen was hurt for a good deal of the 2009 campaign with a shoulder thing–“it didn’t feel right” But he thought he could “pitch through it and bounce back”. OBVIOUSLY NOT MDC…The Sox didn’t find out until November that he was messed up. This was unrelated to the car accident he was involved in during the end of September–that just made things worse. From Tito: “He kind of owned up to us a little bit at the end that he was sore and didn’t tell us. You like that, because part of the reason you like pitchers is they want to play. But we talked with him at length about the ability to be honest, because we probably would have had him available in the playoffs if he would have told us earlier.” The injury will not impact his performance in 2010…

    Speaking of the Demonic Bullpen Tandem: Holy Buckets! Isn’t one Ramon Ramirez enough? Apparently not–as the Sox have a claim in for the OTHER one (Ramon A) who pitched for Cincinnati in 2009 and was released a couple of weeks ago. Lets hope this RR is better than the one we currently have….My question is–how will they do their jerseys???? RA Ramirez and RS Ramirez? Oh, and in case you were wondering? They are not related…

    Hardware for the Stats Guy: Bill James, THE guy for all things statistical in baseball will be honored by the Boston Baseball Writers with the Judge Emil Fuchs Memorial Award at the awards dinner in January. Tickets to the event, to be held at the Westin-Waterfront Hotel in South Boston, are $150 each and can be purchased by sending a check to Boston Chapter-BBWAA, P.O. Box 7346, Nashua NH, 03060.

    Coming up: The Rule 5 Draft–and the 4th and Final Day of the 2009 Winter Meetings–will the Sox make a deal?

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    Winter Meetings, Day 3…”

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    2. Winter Classic says:

      Wow you really know your stuff that was an awesome post.

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