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  • December 4th, 2009

    December 4, 2009:
    The Marco Scutaro Experiment…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:58 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Ya know, the Sox have had like a BILLION shortstops (OK, actually, it was only 6 starters–but the total is 20, if you include the bench players…) since Nomar, so forgive me if I am not all aflutter with the news the Sox have signed Marco Scutaro… I just hope he is better than Edgar Renteria and/or Julio Lugo. I, in no way, expect him to be as good as Alex Gonzalez….

    No terms yet, other than the fact it’s a 2 year contract, with an option for a third year, and his physical is scheduled for today…

    Scutaro has played for the Mets, the A’s and most recently, the Blue Jays, and his career #’s are .265 with 294 RBI’s and 50 homers….

    And then there is the shortstop phenom in the pipeline, Cuban Defector, Jose Iglesias the Sox signed in September for a 4-year/ $8.25 million contract–and his is only 19–although, since his is from Cuba, he’s probably like 32…This is what Craig Shipley, VP of International Scouting has to say about the kid: “Jose’s obvious attributes are his advanced defensive ability, sound approach at the plate…and above-average feel for the game given his age. The less obvious include his intelligence — something we quickly became aware of as we interacted with him off the field. Jose is further along in his development than most 19-year-olds. That said, he still has many things to learn/refine both on and off the field. We believe he has the tools to be a solid contributor in Boston.”

    No, we probably won’t see Iglesias at Fenway this year this year–although, as part of the 40-man, he will be at Spring Training…But Scutaro’s contract is only for 2 years, 3 tops–is 2012 a possibility? He’ll be 22 then…

    So now this officially puts to rest all the ruminations about Dustin Pedroia moving to shortstop–which, while interesting, was never the best move for the Boston Red Sox…

    And, let’s add the Mariners to the list of teams in the Jason Bay sweepstakes. Originally from Canada, Bay’s off-season home is in Washington State—just outside of Seattle…

    Following in Billy Wagner’s footsteps, Takashi Saito won’t be back either– he and signed a 1-Year/$3.2 million contract (with the potential to double it with incentives) with Atlanta this week. While I liked this stuff–and he was very useful when Jonathan Papelbon wasn’t available, I think the Sox were smart to decline the $6 million option they had on him for 2010. He will be 40 by the time the season starts–and I still think there is some gas in the tank, but his best years are probably over–but then again it IS the National League…

    Apparently the PLAYERS want to make the division series a 7 game rather than a 5 game series. They also want there to be fewer off days during the whole run of the playoffs….I swear, there will be baseball on Thanksgiving if this keeps up…In case you were wondering–this year’s postseason, from the end of the regular season to Game 7 of the World Series, was 24 days–of course, it didn’t get to 7, but STILL…

    Let’s do the math:

    • 5 Division Series Games
    • 7 Championship Series Games
    • 7 World Series Games

    24 days to play 19 games? Holy…Buckets….

    And if they add the extra games to the Division Series–it will be 21 games…if they play them in the same 24 days, that would be 1 thing, but I doubt if the networks are going to be happy giving up the off-days, since they asked for the extra days in the 1st place…

    Coming up: Everyone who is anyone in Baseball will be heading to Indianapolis, Indiana this weekend for the 2009 Winter Meetings, which kick off on Monday–look for the Hot Stove to really heat up now…

    One Response to “December 4, 2009:
    The Marco Scutaro Experiment…”

    1. Red Sox Sonoma says:

      A-Gonz may be a defense wizard, but Scutaro has a good glove too, and his offense will be an upgrade. Expect to see a lot of doubles from Scutaro.

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