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  • Archive for December, 2009

    December 31, 2009:
    The End of the 2009 campaign…

    I know, I know, the end of the season was November something or other when the Phillies could not get it done, allowing the 5 years of wonderful peace and quiet from Yankeeland to end…. But since tomorrow kicks off the 2010 season, it’s only fitting that the last day of the year signifies the […]

    December 30, 2009:
    Blog Disclosure Policy

    Effective December 1, 2009, the Federal Trade Commission has updated its policies on endorsement to include bloggers. To comply with these new rules, please see below Boston Red Thoughts’ Blog Disclosure Policy. A copy of this policy will also live on a separate page that can be accessed above.

    December 25, 2009:
    Maligayang Pasko, Red Sox Nation!

    On behalf of Boston Red Thoughts, and from all of us at NEPABlogs, may your holiday be filled with peace, love, happiness, and light… Happy Hannukah Merry Solstice Blessed Yule Merry Christmas Happy Boxing Day and Happy Qwanzaa May the Red Sox 2010 campaign be filled with wonderful pitching, great defense, big bats, and a […]

    December 22, 2009:
    Is there a Classier Player in all of Baseball
    than Mike Lowell???

    I highly doubt it… Despite the fact that the Sox were pretty much dumping payroll in the deal that would have sent Mike Lowell to the Rangers (to play FIRST BASE NO LESS) for Max Ramirez, the backup catcher who is a pretty awful backup catcher, buy MIGHT have a bat, he remains dignified as […]

    December 21, 2009:
    Mike Lowell isn’t Gone! Yay!

    Yeah, Yeah, I know…. While I am thrilled the deal for Mike Lowell to the Rangers for a bag of balls feel through, it’s really not a good thing, for anyone. Apparently, his thumb injury was worse than anyone knew, requiring surgery to repair the radial collateral ligament in his right thumb. Recuperation from this […]

    December 18, 2009:
    Hardware Update…

    Of course, we folks of Red Sox Nation are very much aware of the talented center fielder we have–and personally, I think Jacoby Ellsbury should have received a gold glove for his efforts this year–but he got something almost as good: He was selected Defensive Player of the Year in MLB.com’s annual This Year in […]

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