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  • November 10th, 2009

    November 10, 2009:
    Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…..

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:25 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    The Boston Red Sox did a bunch of exercising already this week–exercising of options, that is…

    In no surprise to anyone, they have declined Jason Varitek’s $5 million option, which means ‘Tek has until Saturday to let the Sox know if he will activate the $3 million player option he holds. If he activates, chances are he would be the backup catcher, although with his difficulty catching Tim Wakefield in the past, I don’t think he’ll be HIS catcher.

    If he opts not to, he will once again become a free agent. It’s also possible that he may retire, but with Scott Boras as an agent, I don’t see that happening…

    Taking ‘Tek’s position as everyday catcher will be Victor Martinez, whose $7.1 million option was activate yesterday. Acquired in a trade with Cleveland on July 31, Martinez (I refuse to call him V-Mart) hit 8 homers, had a .336 average, with 41 RBI’s with the Sox. Over the course of the whole season, he played 155 games, and has a .303 average…From Theo: “We’re going to really look for Victor to be an everyday catcher for us next year. We feel like that puts us in the best position to win with Victor catching as much as he can. The other spot we’ll have available is for more of a traditional backup. We’ll see what Tek’s decision is before we move forward.”


    And for comparisons sake, Jason Varitek’s numbers for the 2009 campaign: He started in 106 games, hitting 14 homers and 51 RBI’s–he also had a batting average of .209

    Double O…U…C…H…

    Unfortunately, this decision was clear–Jason Varitek does not have what it takes to be an everyday catcher anymore…and it always sucks when it gets to this point…

    But some good news, albeit it with a surprising twist. Yes, Tim Wakefield will be back for 2010–and 2011? Yep? The Sox have revamped the $ 4 million year infinity contract with Wake–to 2 years, 5 million guaranteed–with the potential to make up to $10 million with incentives. 1st year is $3.5 million guaranteed…From Wake: “I can tell you with all seriousness that after this two-year deal’s up, I probably won’t play anymore. It gets me to 45. It gives me an opportunity to break Roger Clemens’ and Cy Young’s record (they each have 192 wins with the club). It gives me a chance to get to 200 wins career-wise (he is at 189). That’s what I’m most excited about. They understand it, and they’re giving me an opportunity to get it done. That’s the really cool thing about it. I’m ecstatic…”I’ll be 150 percent ready (for spring training). I don’t feel anything from the surgery at all. No more pain. No more limping. No more anything.” Wake’s career numbers are 189-162 with a 4.33 ERA in 562 outings, including 421 starts…

    On Monday, the Sox opted to not exercise Alex Gonzales’ $6 million option, instead taking his $500K buyout. But the Sox are agreeable to exploring a lesser contract with the Shortstop…Which I really hope they do–While I really like Jed Lowrie and Nick Green (who had back surgery this week–and is currently a free agent)–Who know what will happen with their injuries–will they be ongoing problems? Or just blips on the radar?

    Coming up: Still FAR too much time until Opening Day…

    One Response to “November 10, 2009:
    Ch Ch Ch Ch Changes…..”

    1. Red Sox Sonoma says:

      Victor Martinez has demonstrated that he can handle that screwy knuckleball of Wake’s. Wake has a new 2 year contract, and the Sox have Martinez for 2010. This means that they will have to resign Martinez after 2010, or find another back up catcher to handle Wake in 2011 should they not resign Martinez. Wake wants to reach 200 wins in a Sox uni passing Young and Clemens on his way. It may take him 2010 and 2011 to reach those goals, but knuckleballers usually last well into their 40’s.

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