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  • November 3rd, 2009

    November 3, 2009:
    Delaying the inevitable?

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:20 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts Comments (2)

    So what have we learned so far in the 2009 World Series as the Phillies have brought the series back to the Stadium for at least one more?

    In the last 5 games a no pitcher not named Cliff Lee has managed to beat the Skanks…

    That one completely bone headed move on Sunday night, where Skeezy Bastard was allowed to steal 3rd base BECAUSE NO ONE WAS THERE, may have been the play that lost this World Series for the Phillies…

    But then again, the Phillies actually think they can win a World Series with a closer who makes Scott Williamson look like Mariano Rivera…

    The role of the overpaid postseason choker, formerly played by A-Fraud, is now being played by Mark Toxemia, with is .111 BA in the World Series—HA HA…

    I always though the Skankees “little meetings” with everyone on the team ceasing play to gather at the mound to talk about SOMETHING, was a bit excessive–and after they met 8 times–IN ONE INNING on Sunday night while CC Sabathia was on the mound–MLB apparently does too…Old friend (and VP of Umpiring) Mike Port said that frequent mound meetings by all teams would likely be discussed by baseball officials this off-season….

    Chase Utley needs one more homer to beat Reggie Jackson’s record of 5 in a World Series–Oh I HOPE it happens!

    Neato Stat: Eric Hinske is currently playing for the Skanks, having played for Tampa Bay in 2008, and the Sox in 2007, which makes him only 1 of 2 players (Don Baylor from 1986 to 1988) to appear in 3 World Series in a Row…

    This World Series has gotten completely out of hand–you CANNOT give Skanks extra chances to beat you–they WILL Take advantage…I think the Phillies got a little cocky, thinking they would dispatch with the Skanks and be done with it–But in Philadelphia, where before this World Series, the Phillies were 11-1 in Postseason Game, they only managed to win ONE game out of 3…

    So to win this, they need to win TWO in New York–good luck with that…

    Coming up: A day off so the teams can travels the hugely long distance from Phila to NYC (what is it, 4 hours by train–tops???), then Game 6–and a match Red Sox fans have seen before: Andy Pettitte (on short rest, which he has not done all year–and he’s 42…) vs Pedro Martinez, who is being uncharacteristically silent about his start. 1st pitch 7:57pm…

    2 Responses to “November 3, 2009:
    Delaying the inevitable?”

    1. Tim says:

      it takes no more than 90 minutes from philly to nyc which is terrible…

    2. Mike G says:

      How silent Yankee haters are! Where is your follow up post, now that the Yankees are Champs and made mincemeat of Pedro?

      This is your one chance to turn away from the Dark Side and become a Yankee fan.

      The War on Terror is OVER! The YANKS ARE CHAMPS AGAIN.

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