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  • October 7th, 2009

    Countdown to Red Sox Postseason 2009:
    How ’bout those TWINS?

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:52 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy buckets! Could they have squeezed any more drama and pathos out of that game last night? 12 innings, and the Twins squeeze out the winning hit to beat the reeling Tigers 6-5. What a way to kick off the postseason for the Twins, who are going to need it, as they never beat the Skanks during the 2009 campaign–in 7 tries.

    And what a stupendous crash and burn by the Tigers–makes for GREAT baseball–but not if you’re a Tiger’s fan…

    And the Skanks actually made the decision which series to play yesterday afternoon, rather than waiting until the last possible minute, and they chose what everyone expected they would–Option A–which means the Skanks and the Twins start tonight, and the Sox and the Angels start tomorrow–in the middle of the night…

    So Jed Lowrie had made the roster, pretty much by the process of elimination–that is not to say he isn’t a good player, but his wrist, and his ability to bat left-handed, despite the Grand Slam on Sunday, concerns me greatly. But since Rocco Baldelli is hurt, Chris Woodward is with his wife who just gave birth and Nick Green’s leg still doesn’t work right–it’s Jed…But, just in case, the Sox called up Gil Velazquez, who has been playing for a Mexican winter league for the last 3 weeks (he was to be a free agent on Monday) as a backup to the backup….

    Speaking of Baldelli, who probably would be on the roster, if not for his hip flexor injury. Here is the update from Tito: “He’s still pretty tender. I think we plan on taking the full allotment of time just to see if he’s OK because of the threat he presents from the right side. I don’t know if it will work out or not. We’re not going to put him on if he can’t play. But if he can, we’d like to have him.” Look for Brian Anderson to get the nod as the extra outfielder if Baldelli cannot play….

    Things are not looking good for Manny Delcarmen and his inclusion on the roster–still recovering from his nasty car accident on Saturday, his neck started hurting during long toss in California yesterday. He probably would have been on the bubble anyway, his pitching has been less than stellar the last month or so. (A 14.14 ERA over 10 appearances in September) Also on the bubble are Paul Byrd, and MDC’s partner in the Demonic Bullpen Tandem, Ramon Ramirez.

    How the pitching shakes out will be determined on if the Sox carry 10 or 11 pitchers, and roster decisions are due Thursday at 1:00pm, Eastern Time…

    So I was setting up my Postseason Calendar for my desk at work, where I will track, as I do during the regular season, the wins and losses of the Sox…and I’ll admit, I didn’t really pay all that much attention to the postseason schedule, so I was surprised to see that the postseason is a week later than it was last year–and c’mon, is it really necessary to have the World Series until NOVEMBER 5th? Sure, if the series doesn’t go 7, the series could be over as soon as November 1, but even that is too late…

    If this keeps up, Thanksgiving football will be competing with the World Series…Baseball is Spring/Summer/Fall Game (“The Boys of Summer??? duh) Not a middle of the winter game.

    Yeah, I know, November 5th is technically not winter–but you don’t live in Northeastern PA, where we have 2 seasons–winter–and construction…

    Finally, from our good friends at eTrue Sports, the REAL reason Manny Ramirez has been sucking so bad lately: (Over the last 10 games, a .167 batting average, and in the last 49 at-bats, ZERO homers!) His decision to commit to a carbon neutral lifestyle. And with this lifestyle choice, Manny bikes to and from work every day, a round trip of 18 miles from his condo to Dodger Stadium. From Manny: “I like to pedal. It makes me happy.”

    You can read all about it here….

    Coming up: Another day to wait, but any extra rest is probably not a bad thing for the Sox. Then, tomorrow, the Sox face their ALDS life partner, the Angels. Game 1 starter Jon Lester is opposed by Angels’ starter John Lackey. 1st pitch: 9:37pm.

    Go Sox!

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