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  • October 1st, 2009

    Red Sox 0, Toronto 12:
    6 Black Dots in a Row…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:41 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (2)

    I don’t even want to get into it: Suffice it to say: TIM WAKEFIELD SHOULD HAVE HAD HIS SURGERY 2 MONTHS AGO…was it really necessary to trot him out there for THIS? 3 innings, throwing 76 pitches 48 for strikes, giving up 5 runs on 7 hits (including 2 homers) while walking 2 and striking out 1. And then, the Sox has to blow through their bullpen, even getting to backup catcher Dusty Brown to pitch the 9th (Nick Green, as we know, wasn’t available)–so that gives the Sox the dubious honor of having a catcher pitch in a game for the 1st time–ever–freaking wonderful…

    Oh, and I probably should mention that Rocco Baldelli got his 1st ever chance to play 3rd base…but he had no fielding chances in the 3 innings he played at the position…

    So, in honor of this horrendous, embarrassing loss, here is another Haiku:

    The Bats were asleep

    Depleting the bullpen staff

    Postseason Worthy???

    And while all of this was going on? Doc Halladay, in his last start of the season, put on a clinic, throwing a complete game 3-hit shutout (including taking a no-hitter into the 6th inning), while walking 2 and striking out 6

    Of course, most of the starters got rested last night, in preparation for the post season beginning next week–I know they are just playing out the string, but if this keeps up, they are going to forget how to WIN when they get to Anaheim….

    Coming up: Jon Lester kicks off the 1st game of the final series of the 2009 campaign, against the Cleveland Indians (who just fired Manager Eric Wedge, AND his whole coaching staff–but they will finish out the season). Let’s hope there really isn’t any after effects from him being hit on the leg on Friday night. He is opposed by Carlos Carrasco…1st pitch 7:10pm…

    2 Responses to “Red Sox 0, Toronto 12:
    6 Black Dots in a Row…”

    1. Red Sox 0, Toronto 12: 6 Black Dots in a Row… /  Baseball Bloggers Alliance says:

      […] So, in honor of this horrendous, embarrassing loss, here is another Haiku:   Read more… […]

    2. Bette says:

      Vielen Dank fuer diesen schoenen Livecast. Hat auch beim nachhoeren noch super viel Spass gemacht. Ohne euch haette man sich das ganze gar nicht anschauen koennen ohne dabei ei&leschzafunn#8230;

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