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  • Archive for September, 2009

    Red Sox 9, KC 12:
    Crap…Total and Utter Crap…

    So I get home from auditions (Arsenic and Old Lace, if you’re curious) and I see the score is 6-0, Sox, in the 3rd inning, and I am thrilled that Wake is doing so well, so far (we all know Wake can turn on a dime and give up 6 runs in a heartbeat). And […]

    Red Sox 9, Oreos 3:
    Winning the Games that should be won…

    Another great weekend at Camden Yards–remember when the Oreos were a great team, and a force to be reckoned with in the AL East? Me either… But the Sox are getting it done–sure, they are beating up on the hapless cookies–but these are the games they absolutely need to win…And so the season series ends […]

    Red Sox 3, Angels 4:
    So much for a perfect homestand…

    Josh Beckett, who only gave up 1 homer in this contest (a solo shot by Howard Kendrick) pitched 8 innings (114 pitches, 78 for strikes), giving up 3 runs on 7 hits while walking none and striking out 7…certainly well enough to win… Billy Wagner, getting his 1st loss in a Red Sox uniform (as […]

    Red Sox 9, Angels 8:
    One Wild and Crazy Contest…

    Holy…Buckets…I love games like this–when the Sox win, anyway… I’ll admit, after Ramon Ramirez blew yet ANOTHER save (his 4th this year) and gave up 3 runs AND allowed the inherited runner from Saito to score in his 1/3 inning of work. (Inherited runners scoring on RR? Shocking, I know), I was very tempted to […]

    Red Sox 4, Angels 1:
    Pitching on 89 days rest…

    I’ll admit, I had my doubts–sure he did wonderful in his last start–but that was the minors–but he shut the Angels (whom the Sox will more than likely face in the Postseason) completely down, throwing 6+ innings of scoreless, 3-hit ball, while striking out 5 and walking 3–AND all of hits was done on only […]

    Red Sox 9, Tampa Bay 1,
    Red Sox 3, Tampa Bay 1,
    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 0:
    Gaining some ground…

    Holy Buckets!  Actually SWEEPING Tampa Bay! That hasn’t happened in quite some time, like since they sucked royally…so it was a nice change of pace. And the double header was nice, or would have been if Direct TV had gotten the scheduling straight–there was a game at noon and at 5:00pm…so they start the coverage […]

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