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  • Archive for August, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Tigers 5:
    Hold that Tiger…

    Whew! While all that ails the Sox hasn’t been resolved, stopping that losing streak is definitely a step in the right direction… Bad Penny! actually was pretty good last night, going 6 innings, and giving up 3 runs on 6 hits (and no homers this time!) while walking 1, hitting 1, and striking out 2–he […]

    Red Sox 2, Skanks 5:
    I am at a loss…

    And, apparently, the Sox are too–6 in a row actually…and it doesn’t look good–at all… And, apologies in advance for the jumping around–so much happened this weekend, its hard to know where one is to begin… How does one sum up this weekend, from a Red Sox fans perspective? If you’re a Skanks fan, it’s […]

    Red Sox 6, Skanks 13:
    8 and Done…

    We all knew it would not last–the Sox faced the Skanks 8 times this year–and they had beaten them 8 times this year–and that was fun and kept the sneering Skankee fans at bay, which is always a bonus… And while I am not surprised that it ended, or even when it ended–I just wish […]

    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 6:
    Game, Penny, 4 Home Runs, Sweep…BAD…

    I don’t even want to talk about last night, as it went pretty much exactly as I thought–the only thing that was different, was that Bad Penny! actually finished the 6th inning, so the bullpen only had to come up with 2 innings… But the 5 runs on 6 hits (including 3, count ’em THREE […]

    Red Sox 2, Tampa Bay 4–in 13 Innings:
    NEITHER team deserved to win this one…

    So I am watching the Sox AND the Rays load the bases 3 times, and they kept getting runners on base, sometime with no outs, or even 1 out, and then could not close the deal… And when a feature article is written about a player, it must work like the Sports Illustrated curse…On Monday, […]

    Red Sox 18, Oreos 10:
    Bashing their way to a sweep…

    Well, Victor Martinez certainly did not waste any time making himself know to Red Sox Nation, with 5 hits (and 4 RBI’s) in yesterday’s game, and a couple in Saturday’s game as well. He also caught in yesterday’s contest. And how ’bout minor league call up Josh Reddick? Called up on Friday to spell and […]

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