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  • Archive for July, 2009

    July 24, 2009:
    The Weekend we have all been waiting for…

    And no one has waited for this moment more than Jim Rice… After having to wait until the bitter end (I guess #15 is the charm) in the balloting process, Jim Rice will take his place in history as he is inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame on Sunday in Cooperstown NY… From Jim […]

    Red Sox 1, Rangers 3:
    5 In a Row–and not even in a good way…

    Some numbers to run around in the thought locker on this badly needed day off (and how sad is it that they have played 6 games after a 4 day break, only to desperately need another day off….) A 6-Game Road trip, ending with a record of 1-5–ONE AND FIVE…the only win they would eke […]

    Red Sox 2, Rangers 4:
    I think I am going to have to buy
    a bigger black marker…

    In a matter of less than a week, the Sox have went from a 3-game lead in the AL East, to being in 2nd place 1-game behind the “Can’t seem to lose a game these days” Skankees. The Sox have also went from having too much pitching, to “well, if anyone else goes down, we […]

    Hall of Fame Photos…

    Finally! The pictures from from my trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend…or a small portion at least–probbaly coudl have done at least another post of shots that didn’t make this cut, But since my blog writing software is the DEVIL, and it took me 2 days to get them to this point, […]

    Red Sox 3, Rangers 6:
    And the downward spiral continues….

    So, now the Sox have lost the last 3 in a row, completely negating the nice 3 game lead in the AL East they has when the All-Star break happened…and now, with the inevitable resurgence of the Skanks, they now share the top spot in the division… It seems that the 4 days off has […]

    Red Sox 1, Toronto 3:
    Not exactly the way I envisioned…

    Well, 3 games into the 2nd half, the Sox are 1-2, and have lost 2 games in the standings, which means there is only 1 game that separates the Sox and the Skanks in the AL East…. Freaking wonderful… Can’t blame Jon Lester, who held his own again the master himself, Doc Halladay, who may […]

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