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  • July 22nd, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Rangers 4:
    I think I am going to have to buy
    a bigger black marker…

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:33 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    In a matter of less than a week, the Sox have went from a 3-game lead in the AL East, to being in 2nd place 1-game behind the “Can’t seem to lose a game these days” Skankees. The Sox have also went from having too much pitching, to “well, if anyone else goes down, we could be in trouble” And the Sox bats have went completely cold, as everyone in the lineup has decided that this week would be the week they will slump…since returning from the All-Star break, a span of 5 games, the Sox have hit 12–yes, TWELVE runs, and batted .200 as a team–and .161 with runners in scoring position…

    And now Tim Wakefield, today’s starter, who hasn’t pitched in 2 weeks, goes on the DL with lower back strain, retroactive to July 18. From Tim: “I was trying to make it get better. I’ve been getting treatment every day. It just doesn’t seem to be going away right now. The smart thing to do team-wise is to DL me and make sure I’m healthy. If I go out there and try to pitch and can only go two or three innings, I’m [hurting] everybody else in this clubhouse, so I don’t want to do that.” Wake is eligible to return August 2nd…

    So now, a Nation turns to his replacement–The only pitcher to actually win a game since the Sox have returned from the All-Star break–Clay Buchholz, who was recalled from Pawtucket, after being sent back down on Saturday…

    But the quality of the starting pitching, (for the most part) isn’t the problem. Josh Beckett pitched a COMPLETE GAME last night–his 3rd this season, and his 2nd in the last 10 days–He threw 104 pitches (68 for strikes) , and he gave up 4 runs on 7 hits while walking 1 and striking out 7–he certainly kept the Sox in the game

    So after all the brouhaha about Roy Halladay “Oh! He pitched his last game in Toronto” “Oh! He is going to the Phillies/Yankees/Insert your favorite team here” Blah blah blah… It looks like he may not even get traded…Toronto GM J.P. Ricciardi has made July 28th the trading deadline for the Ace–From Ricciardi: “I think at this point, it’s probably unlikely that we’ll trade Doc. As you get closer and closer to the deadline, no one’s really stepped up yet, and at that point, I think time starts running out on you…We’ve got to be highly motivated to move him, so we haven’t been highly motivated yet.”

    Did you know that famed right hander and 8-Time All-Star Nolan Ryan is president of the Rangers???

    Coming up: Clay Buchholz gets his 2nd start in the majors for the 2009 campaign, returning to his home state, as Josh Beckett did–and maybe he’ll have the luck he had in 2007–when his 2nd start was the no-hitter against the Oreos (I’m just saying….) This is the final game against the “Dark Bright Blue Team” for this year–and the Rangers are leading the series 4-1–Freaking wonderful…. Buchholz is opposed by Rangers starter Vicente Padilla. 1st pitch 8:05pm

    And IF they win today–they will have a record of 2-4 for the road trip…if they lose, 1-5–have we returned to the “The only place the Sox can win is Fenway” stuff????

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    I think I am going to have to buy
    a bigger black marker…”

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