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  • July 21st, 2009

    Hall of Fame Photos…

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:22 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Red Sox Comment (1)

    1st Class

    The 1st Baseball Hall of Fame Class, inducted in 1936: Ty Cobb, Babe Ruth, Honus Wagner, Christy Mathewson and Walter Johnson

    Finally! The pictures from from my trip to the Baseball Hall of Fame last weekend…or a small portion at least–probbaly coudl have done at least another post of shots that didn’t make this cut, But since my blog writing software is the DEVIL, and it took me 2 days to get them to this point, that probably won’t happen…

    Please forgive the haphazardness of the photos…


    Bill Mueller

    A great shot of Bill Mueller...

    Buck O'Neilll

    Buck O'Neill, one of the greats of the Negro League, and a true gentleman

    Christy Matthewson

    Christy Mathewson, a member of the 1st class--and who was born and raised in Factoryville, PA, about 45 minutes from here...

    Baseball Cards

    The Baseball Hall of Fame has over 130 THOUSAND baseball cards...


    Jimmie Foxx


    Joe Cronin


    Pudge--cause there is only 1--and he's it...

    Ted Williams

    Ted Williams (The small plaque below commemorates his service in the Marines in both Korea and WWII...)

    Players who served in the military

    This is a list of all players who have served their country in the armed forces (Ted is also listed here)

    Thomas Yawkey

    Thomas Yawkey, beloved former owner of the Boston Red Sox...

    Effa Manley--The 1st woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame...

    Effa Manley--The 1st woman inducted into the Baseball Hall of Fame...

    Lefty Grove

    Lefty Grove


    Yazz...And I am SO bummed--the photo of Bobby Doerr came out all blurry and unreadable...CRAP...

    Fenway Park

    An interesting perspective on Fenway Park

    Ted Williams' Hitting Zones

    Ted Williams' hitting zone, made of up color baseballs to indicate what he calculated his batting average would be if he was pitched to in that location--obviously the red area is the most desirable at .400...

    Ted Williams Statue

    This statue of Ted was carved from ONE single piece of basswood and is all wood--nothing else was used to create this statue--and when you look it it, its amazing, folks of fabric, shoes that look like leather..makes you want to touch it, despite the huge sign that say "Do Not Touch the Sculptures"--The is one of Babe Ruth, also carved out of 1 piece of basswood, directly across from Ted...

    No-Hitter Balls

    A baseball from every no-hitter…
    The Sock

    The Bloody Sock from Game 2 of the 2004 World Series...

    The Standings

    The standings--from Saturday--before the Sox went to hell in a hand basket over the weekend...

    The 1st Baseball Field

    Doubleday Field--The 1st baseball field...

    World Series Rings

    All of the Postseason Bling, including a World Series Ring from every year...

    World Series Rings--Sox

    The Boston Red Sox--World Series Champions. 2004 and 2007..

    Induction Banner for this weekend's festivities

    Induction Banner for this weekend's festivities

    Jim Ed's Induction Display

    Jim Ed's Induction Display

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