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  • July 16th, 2009

    July 16, 2009:
    You mean, there is still another day of this???

    Posted by Christine E. at 8:13 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While much of the baseball world will return to play today, the Sox (and their opponent for this weekend, Toronto) have a 4th day off–which is good for them–but not for the rest of Red Sox Nation…

    But some good news in the works: According to Tito, who made a radio appearance on WEEI yesterday, both Mike Lowell and Jed Lowrie will more than likely be activated this weekend…Whoo Ho!

    And since everyone is weighing in with a mid-season report, I thought I would as well–But with a twist…Instead of giving everyone a grade, I’ll list the top 9 coolest things that have happened so far this year, and go from there…These are in no particular order, just the one that came from the top of my head…

    1. Tim Wakefield: Not only his dominant pitching at his age (43 in less than a month) but his very 1st All-Star game…and, if he continues how he has been, may even get his 1st 20 win season–EVER…

    2. John Smoltz is a member of the Boston Red Sox: I have been a fan of John Smoltz’s since he switched from a starter to a closer, back to a starter again. So when Atlanta decided to dump one of their greatest pitchers, the Sox scooped him up–and while he hasn’t been brilliant yet (he is still recovering from last year’s shoulder surgery) there have been flashes. The Sox got him for later in the season, and by that time, he should be wonderful again…

    3. Julio Lugo’s Not Playing: The Sox have not let Julio Lugo play much, despite being on the hook for his $9 million salary this year and next. And, hopefully, once Jed Lowrie comes back, Julio Lugo’s time with the Sox will be a distant memory…

    4. Rocco Baldelli is well enough to play–and play well: When the Sox signed Rocco Baldelli in the off-season, everyone knew he has a chronic illness (originally thought to be a mitochondrial disorder, but then was re-diagnosed with a less severe channelopathy disorder)which caused him to get tired and injured more easily, so no one was sure how things would go–But the Sox have been careful with him, and he is batting .328 against right-handed pitching, and as a pinch-hitter, has went 3-6 with a walk. He also plays both center and right field more than ably.

    5. Josh Beckett is Josh Beckett again: Completely healed from last years injury plagued season, and is once again a dominant force. A complete game shutout on Sunday (his 2nd of the year) and a 11-3 record with a .230 ERA…and I think he will only get better…

    6. Big Papi is back: Holy Buckets! When David Ortiz was well under the Mendoza line (.185), and Tito was giving him multiple days off in a row, and he looked LOST at the plate, it was horrible and painful to watch…But, since the beginning of June, (35 games) Papi seems to have recovered his mojo, hitting 11 homers and 29 RBI’s…Before that? 1 HR and 18 RBI…

    7. Nick Green has come into his own: When he came to camp this year, no one thought much of it–there were 2 players vying for the starting shortstop position, and it looked like Nick Green would be sent to the minors. Then Julio Lugo got hurt, and then Jed Lowrie’s wrist injury resurfaced, and all of a sudden, Nick Green is the everyday shortstop–and while he had a alot of errors in the beginning (9), he has been error free since June 3rd…Not sure how it will all play out when Jed Lowrie is activated this weekend, but I am SO hoping Lugo is the odd man out here…How can there be any other option?

    8. Jason Bay has been more than anyone expected him to be: With his easy going manner, unselfishness, not to mention a great clutch hitter in the 1st 1/2–it just places his predecessor, who has just returned from a 50 game suspension for PED, in even more of a negative light–It TRULY has become: “Manny WHO?”

    9. The current 8-0 record against the Skanks: C’mon, did you ever in a million years expect that the Sox would have faced the Skanks (and their BILLION dollar rotation/infield) 8 times–and beaten then EIGHT TIMES? Fenway or the new Stadium, nail biters, or laughers, the Sox have won then all…which means they have to win two of the next 10 contests to win the season series…LOVE THIS!!!

    Finally, if you are in the Boston area on Saturday, stop by Fenway Park, where the Jimmy Fund is holding their 18th annual Jimmy Fund Fantasy Day, allowing Red Sox fans of all ages to enjoy baseball-related activities and entertainment at Fenway Park–and this year, folks who purchase tickets as part of the Ultimate Fan Experience will get the opportunity to sit behind the NESN Gameday Live Desk and be filmed giving their best pre-game commentary for 2 minutes. Filming will take place from 9:30am to 5:00pm. So, if you are an up and coming broadcaster, or ever wanted to see what its like to be a Broadcaster for a Day, or just someone who thinks they know sports the best, then this event is for you!

    Clips of the top three contestants, selected by NESN and the Jimmy Fund, will be placed on NESN’s website. Then, starting August 3rd, folks will be able to vote for their favorite–and the contestant with the most votes will be on-air with a NESN personality during this year’s WEEI/NESN Jimmy Fund Radio-Telethon, on either Thursday, August 27th or Friday, August 28th!

    If you want to go: Tickets are $25 per person for folks 12 and over, $15 for children ages 3 to 11, and children under 3 are free. You can also purchase tickets at Fenway Park’s Gate B all day. Want to make it a family affair? Packages for families are also available. And if the weather does not cooperate, the Rain Date is Sunday, July 19, 2009, same time and place….For more info or tickets, please call 800-525-4669, or check out their website

    Coming up: ANOTHER Off Day today, then Clay Buchholz gets his 1st major league start of 2009–and because of his All-Star start, Roy Halladay will not be opposing him–Ricky Romero will… So while the pressure to do well is still on Buchholz, he faces a much less formidable (hopefully) opponent. 1st pitch: 7:07pm

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