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  • Archive for June, 2009

    Red Sox 3, Texas 6:
    How much longer is this going to go on???

    How pathetic is it that the best thing you can say about Daisuke’s outing is, at 5 2/3 innings, it was his longest outing this year??? And in stark contrast to the PERFECT game Jon Lester had going until the 8th inning on Saturday night, which, unfortunately, I did not get to see… Daisuke’s line […]

    Red Sox 6, Tigers 3:
    Much less difficult…

    Which is pretty ironic, because whenever Tim Wakefield pitches, it’s always a toss up between a no hitter, and a 6 run inning, and it’s always a crap shoot on whether or not the offense will pony up with some run support…. Fortunately, all was well, and Tim Wakefield got his rotation leading 7th win […]

    Red Sox 10, Tigers 5:
    Again, with the difficult…

    For 6 2/3 innings, Josh Beckett was looking at a no-no–then, within one inning, BAM! The Tigers put 5 runs on the board, and the Sox had committed three errors–THREE! And No, Julio Lugo didn’t play–but one of the errors WAS Nick Green’s) Josh’s line: 7.2 inning, throwing 119 pitches, 80 for strikes, giving up […]

    Red Sox 5, Tigers 1 :
    A Difficult Win…

    One would think, by looking at the score, that the Sox won this game easily–but with Daisuke on the mound its never easy; Sure, the line for his 1st win for the season that wasn’t for Japan looks very good 5 innings, throwing 96 pitches (61 for strikes), while giving up 1 run on 6 […]

    June 2, 2009:
    Starting the End of a Long Road Trip…

    While they do have another long road trip at the end of this month, that one consisting of 9 road games in a row without a day off, this is the longest one of the 2009 campaign in terms of games played on the road in 1 trip, with 10. Right now, 7 games in, […]

    Red Sox 8, Toronto 2:
    Restoring Order to the Universe…

    Could Jon Lester be righting the ship? This is the 3rd good outing he has had in a row, and this one was exceptional, with 12 strikeouts over 6 innings of 1-run baseball. Pitch count at 115 (72 for strikes) is a bit high for 6 innings, especially with the 12 strikeouts, as he only […]

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