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  • Archive for June, 2009

    Mark your Calendars:
    Saturday July 18, 2009, Fenway Park–Be There…

    Since 1992, the Jimmy Fund has held the “Ultimate Fan Experience”, an event which allows Red Sox fans of all ages to enjoy baseball-related activities and entertainment at Fenway Park, including: contests, a kid zone, tours, photo opportunities, and a skill zone for those who want to showcase their baseball talents.

    Red Sox 11, Nationals 3:
    Did you see THAT PLAY???

    Holy Buckets! Good thing I have TiVo, because Nick Green’s stunning defensive play in the 3rd inning deserved a 2nd (even 3rd or 4th) look. That play reminded me of one Alex Gonzales would have made–it was beautiful! And it’s been 11 days since Julio Lugo has started–and in that span, the Sox are 8-3–I […]

    June 23, 2009:
    Countdown to Smoltz…

    Yes, in 2 days, John Smoltz will don a Red Sox uniform and pitch for a major league team other than the Atlanta Braves for the 1st time in his career–and I cannot wait…I have always be a huge fan of Smoltz, despite the fact he pitched from the ucky Atlanta Braves…Unfortunately, it will be […]

    Red Sox 6, Atlanta 5:
    Just as I suspected…

    I had a feeling the weekend would play out this way: The only game the Sox lost was the one Daisuke started–and left, and not even able to make it to the 5th inning… Is anyone else breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that the Sox are FINALLY going to do something about Daisuke? And […]

    Red Sox 1, Marlins 2:
    Truncated to 5+ Innings,

    On an evening when nothing went right for the Sox, the weather, Jon Lester struggled, throwing a million and 15 pitches (actually, it was only 114 (75 for strikes) Its just felt like a million and 15….and 114 pitches would be fine–if he went 7 innings, but, alas, he only went 5, giving up the […]

    Red Sox 6, Marlins 1:
    500, 500, and 675…

    Yesterday marked some significant milestones, two for the Boston Red Sox, and one for Boston Red Thoughts… It was the 500th consecutive sell out at Fenway Park, which began on May 15th, 2003. This record beat the previous record of 455, held by Cleveland at The Jake from 1995-2001. And is this span of 500 […]

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