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  • June 28th, 2009

    Red Sox Kid Nation Captains’ Charitable Sixth Grade Backpack-A-Thon

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:06 am in Good Deeds,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Victoria, author of the Boston Red Sox Kid Baseball Blog and one of 12 Red Sox Kid Nation Captains, will participate in the Sixth Grade Backpack-A-Thon.

    Under the direction of The Red Sox Foundation and through the support C138588A0A1043329EDF182484AA9E01of HP Hood, the Kid Nation Captains are collecting items to fill backpacks for more than 3,000 kids in Red Sox Nation going into middle school in September.

    Hood is donating the backpacks but the Captains need to collect the items to fill them.

    If you are willing to have a drive where you work or at an organization, or are interested in donating any of the items listed below in any quantity, it would be appreciated.

    All Donations are tax deductible, and must be received prior to Saturday, August 15 because on Sunday, August 16, the Captains will be filling the backpacks at Fenway Park.

    Here is what they need:

    • 3-ring binders–2″ Size
    • Tabs for 3-ring binders
    • Accessories for Binders (inserts that include plastic sheets to slide papers in, etc)
    • Spiral NotebooksThin student assignment books and calendars for writing down homework assignments
    • Pens
    • #2 pencils
    • Erasers
    • Zip bag for pencils, pens, and erasers
    • Yellow Highlighters
    • Graphing Calculators

    Please Note: Any number of each items donated will be useful, but consider limits of backpack size (11-1/2” x 15” x 7”) when collecting/donating supplies.

    Any questions, please contact Victoria here

    It’s a great project, for a great cause–can you help out?

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    1. Joseph Argueta says:

      they do seem solid but in real life they seem and feel kinda low-cost, but on photographs they seem amazing… but for pc laptop computers hp designs are the strongest they come… still very cheap and ugly compared to macbooks though

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