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  • June 25th, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Nationals 4:
    Today is THE DAY…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:41 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    In a few short hours, for the 1st time in his 20+ year career, 42 year old John Smoltz will put on a uniform other than the Atlanta Braves and go out and pitch a major league ballgame. And I cannot even tell you how excited I am that he will be pitching for the Boston Red Sox…From Smoltz: “This is not the old, the new or the done…this is just a new chapter of which when I have a baseball in my hand I can pitch and hopefully do the things I can do to take the sting out of the bat…In the best case I’ll get better every time out. This is just one rung in the ladder to climb as far as I can and really at the end of the day, to be in position to pitch in the playoffs…

    So Jason Varitek is hurt (neck and shoulder) and has been for a while–and he hasn’t told anyone (i.e.: the media) about it–And this is surprising WHY? The only reason everyone even knows now is that NESN caught trainer Paul Lessard working on him in the dugout during Thursday’s game. From Tek: “It’s OK. I don’t think you can play my position and not have things that get banged up. It’s all right. It’s nothing new. Paul wasn’t necessarily working on my shoulder, he was working on my neck. It’s kind of a combination of both…That’s all I’m going to say about it…The most important thing is that I get out on the field.”

    Congratulations David Ortiz! Big Papi hit his 1,000 RBI last night with a towering 3-run shot in the 4th inning. It was also the 1st homer he has hit outside the confines of Fenway Park this year. With that homer, his 7th of the season (and #6 in the last 15 games) Big Papi is 4 away from hitting the 300 homer mark–Am I the only one who was sweating in the earlier weeks, afraid he would never get there? Yeah, his BA is still under 250, but I expect it will be for a while, as he was pretty far down in the hole for a long time…SO glad he is back!

    John Lester pitched well enough for his 6th win, throwing 103 pitches (67 for strikes) over 6 innings of 3 run ball. He gave up 6 hits, while striking out 6 and walking 2…

    Ejected from the Park: The idea that a baseball manager will get ejected from a game is not that unusual–Tito will take one for the team in order to protect his players and (hopefully) keep them in the game. Hell, Lou Pinella has elevated it to an art form. But the HITTING COACH? I guess it happens, albeit very infrequently–but it happened last night. Umpire Bob Davidson decided that Dave Magadan was the one he heard the loudest in the Red Sox dugout, commenting on a called strike on Youk. It was his 5th ejection of his career….

    And here is a neat piece of trivia about Magadan: Back in 1998 when he was playing for the Mets, he hit a RBI double of a young pitcher making his major league debut–the 1st hit ever given up in the bigs–by John Smoltz…

    Looks like Jed Lowrie may have a setback–the contusion on his knee, which he got being hit by a pitch in Tuesday night’s game, has caused his knee to stiffen up. He was out of last night games (it was a planned night off) but the stiffness may cause him to sit at least another game, maybe more. I feel alot better about this, knowing the Sox have Nick Green (what started his 12th game in a row) and have not been really using Julio Lugo (although he did come in to pinch hit for Jon Lester in the 7th…)

    Coming up: The Final Game of the Series and the Season against the Nationals, as John Smoltz, JOHN SMOLTZ!!! takes the mound to for the 1st time in over a year (his last start was April 27, 2008) try and pitch the Sox to a sweep–Although I expect much more, if he is any better than Daisuke, the Sox are in good shape. He is expected to throw 85 to 90 pitches tonight. He is opposed by Jordan Zimmerman, who was TWO when Smoltz made his major league debut. 1st pitch: 7:05pm.

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