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  • June 22nd, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Atlanta 5:
    Just as I suspected…

    Posted by Christine E. at 5:57 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    I had a feeling the weekend would play out this way: The only game the Sox lost was the one Daisuke started–and left, and not even able to make it to the 5th inning…

    Is anyone else breathing a HUGE sigh of relief that the Sox are FINALLY going to do something about Daisuke? And its not just having him rest for a couple of weeks. No, this is a complete tear down and rebuild, which could take a LONG time…From Tito: “This is not going to be a two-week DL. We’re going to have to figure this out. We have a lot of work ahead of us trying to get him back to being Daisuke. He was already with John Farrell this morning looking over video, which is good….We’ll try to do what’s in his best interest, and to be honest, I think we’re still trying to figure that out.”

    I think it was about 2-3 starts too late–but I guess any game he’s not pitching is a game the Sox have a chance of winning from here on out…which is all we can ask for. I just hope the season doesn’t come down to those 2 or 3 games…

    But with yesterday’s win, the Sox hold onto their 3.5 game lead on the Skanks in the AL East, and have won their last 4 series, and the last 5 of 6…And their current record: 42 and 27, is the best in the American League…

    But the Sox won yesterday, behind yet another good start from Tim Wakefield, who pitched well enough to get the win, (6 2/3 innings, throwing 82 pitches, 62 for strikes while giving up 4 runs on 9 hits while striking out 2 and walking none) if it were not for Ramon Ramirez, who allowed one of his inherited runners to score, and then Okajima, who allowed yet another run. And the rollercoaster that is Papelbon also contributed to the fun, loading the bases with a hit and 2 walks in his inning of work…

    Thankfully Nick Green–NICK GREEN!!! came up HUGE in the bottom of the 9th, with a solo walkoff homer to win the game…Julio who???

    And Jed Lowrie made his 1st start with Pawtucket, playing short, and going 0-1 with 2 walks and a RBI in his 3 1/2 innings in the contest…I think we’ll be seeing Jed back in a Red Sox uniform before the end of this road trip…Whoo Hoo!

    Didja hear? CC Sabathia left yesterday’s Skankee loss in the 2nd inning with left bicep tightness. It doesn’t appear very serious, as no test were run, or look like they are going to be run at this point, and he is listed as day to day…at nearly $800K PER START (operating under a 30 start assumption for the season) Let’s hope he doesn’t miss too many…Not to be happy about an injury–but I find it VERY amusing that the Skanks paid SO much money for this guy, and he has been mediocre–at best…

    Coming up: And off day, then Bad Penny! kicks off the 1st game of one of the longest road trips of the season (9 games) against the worst team in the majors–The Washington Nationals (they have won 20–yes, 7 less than the Sox have LOST–which means they will probably sweep the Sox…Penny is opposed by John Lannan for the Nationals. 1st pitch is 7:05pm

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