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  • June 15th, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Phillies 11:
    No Sweep for You!

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:34 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So, the best thing we can say about Josh Beckett’s pitching performance yesterday afternoon in Philadelphia was than he hit a solo home run in the 6th inning….

    His line: 6 innings, throwing 105 pitches, 73 for strikes, giving up 7 runs (6 earned) on 11 hits (including a home run) while walking none and striking out 5…

    His cause was also not helped by Daniel Bard, who allowed the 1 runner Josh left on base to score, and gave up 4 runs in 2/3 of an inning, And HE was not helped by the fact that Saito allowed 2 of the 3 inherited runners HE got from Bard to score…

    The only pitching bright spot was Justin Masterson, who had a 1 hit inning, striking out 2…

    So, can we all agree that Daniel Bard needs to go back to Pawtucket and get some experience/seasoning???

    Its also interesting to note the 1st game back in a about a week for Julio Lugo (Nick Green has been starting) results in ANOTHER ERROR, and a loss for the Boston Red Sox…But because Tito chose this game to rest 4 starters (Varitek, Pedroia, Big Papi and JD Drew) Green played 2nd and all the Sox had left was Lugo for short….

    And if you look at the pitching probables, something is missing JOHN SMOLTZ’S NAME. He pitched on Saturday, and mentioned that he might even get ANOTHER minor league start–although I have no idea why–if the guy is ready, let’s get Daisuke on the DL and get the man some innings…The only problem with that is that Daisuke’s next start is Friday–the 1st game of the series against Atlanta–the only team John Smoltz has ever known. He said he preferred that his 1st start for the Sox was not against Atlanta–his 2nd, OK, but not the 1st…From Tito: We’ll get through (Sunday) and we’ll kind of map it out. We have mapped out various possibilities. There’s no sense in [doing it ahead of time], especially when it’s going to require a roster move. Those things come at their own pace.” Impressive–he said absolutely nothing in those 3 sentences…

    And today is the day the Sox can trade Bad Penny! If they want to. And right now, it does not appear that they want to. There has been some interest, some tentative offers, but nothing that would warrant giving up a decent 4-5th starter–especially with how sucky Daisuke is these days. Factor in what happened when the Sox gave up Bronson Arroyo for Wily Mo–because they had “too much pitching”, I dont see them making any reckless trades…

    And yet another reason Tim Wakefield should make the All-Star Team–he is the quintessential team player. Knowing, that the bullpen was depleted from the 13-inning win on Friday night, which then went to a day game about 12 hours later, to another day game less than 24 hours after that…he offered to pitch out of the bullpen, thereby probably giving up his start on Tuesday. It did not come to that, but the fact that he is willing (and we all know this is not the 1st time–Game 3 of the 2004 ALCS, when he came in to pitch during the 19-8 blowout, to save some arms for another day, comes to mind) to take one for the team, shows what a classy guy he is…Getting Wake to the All-Star Game needs to happen–Can we get a man on this?

    Coming up: After a weekend getaway to Phila, the Sox return to Fenway Park for 6 to continue their interleague play. First up: The Florida Marlins, with Tim Wakefield and, his team-leading 8 wins, getting the start. He is opposed by Chris Volstad for the fish. 1st pitch 7:10pm

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