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  • June 10th, 2009

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 0:
    And that would be Six….

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:35 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments


    Good times! How long has it been since the Sox have taken SIX in a row from the Skanks? Try 1912–yeah, freaking 92 years….And then they beat them 14 times in a row! I think that record is probably safe–but how cool would THAT be? Worst case scenario? I’d just like to win 4 more. Just 4 out of the remaining 12 games–which will result in the Sox winning the season series against the Skanks….but if they win more than that, I will certainly not be all broken up about it…

    I’ll admit, I thought last night’s contest would be a little more challenging–after all, “Red Sox Killer” (I freaking HATE those expressions “Yankee Killer” and the like) AJ Burnett got pretty beat up, not even getting out of the 3rd inning. Throwing 84 pitches (40 for strikes), he gave up 5 runs (3 earned, as a result of an error by A-Fraud) and 5 hits (including a 2 run shot by David Ortiz–Yay!) all while walking 5 and striking out 1….This is the 1st time he has lost to the Sox EVER in 10 starts–going into this contest 5-0. Hell, this record is a huge reason why the Skanks opted to overpay for this juvenile delinquent…HA HA…

    In stark contrast, Josh Beckett threw 6 beautiful innings of 1 hit ball, throwing 93 pitches (59 for strikes) with 8 strike outs and 2 walks, bringing his record to tie Tim Wakefield for the team lead with 7…After he left, the #1 bullpen in major league baseball continued the trend with 3 more innings of 1 hit ball, with 2 walks and a strikeout…So I think it might be safe to say that Josh Beckett the Ace is BACK!

    And with tonight’s win, the Sox now share 1st place in the AL East with the Skanks…

    JD Drew was back in the lineup for last night’s game, and the Sox expect Jacoby Ellsbury to join him tonight. Jacoby wanted to play last night, but Tito opted to give him another day to rest his right shoulder strain: “He’s a little sore. I think everybody concluded it was just a bruise, which is good. When I talked to him last night, I think he really thought, ‘I’ll go ahead and play [Tuesday],’ and I thought, ‘Let’s give it a day.’ Then he showed up today and he took some dry swings, and I think he’s kind of sore…”

    And in the reallyREALLY good news department: Jed Lowrie will probably begin his minor league rehabbing as soon as next week–whooo hoo! Fortunately, Nick Green played last night, and contributed a double and solo homer in last night’s win…

    All Star update: Unfortunately, Mark Toxemia has overtaken Youk in the balloting for 1st base, albeit only by 1209 votes–so it’s still anyone’s game. Jason Bay is still leading all outfielder s, Dustin Pedroia is still 2nd to Ian Kinsley, Mike Lowell is 4th, Jason Varitek is 3rd among catchers, and Jacoby Ellsbury and JD Drew are 11th and 13th, respectively, in the outfield race. Starting rosters will be announced on July 5th….

    Finally, on July 2nd, Jason Varitek will host his annual Jason Varitek Celebrity Putt Putt Tournament. Played on an 18 hole custom built putt-putt course specifically designed and created for Jason Varitek Celebrity Putt-Putt by New England Custom Putting Greens, spectators and golfers are treated to a night to remember with celebrity guests, live and silent auction and much more. You can purchase spectator tickets at $23.00, or if you want to go the sponsorship route, there are options there as well…For more info, go here

    Coming up: Tim Wakefield takes the mound in game 2, opposed by Chien-Ming Wang, who still boasts an ERA over 14. Hopefully his trend of getting completely shelled continues…I am looking at a pretty high scoring game on this one–let’s say 17-6? I’m just saying, is all….1st pitch is 7:10pm…

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