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  • June 5th, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Tigers 3:
    Much less difficult…

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:29 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Which is pretty ironic, because whenever Tim Wakefield pitches, it’s always a toss up between a no hitter, and a 6 run inning, and it’s always a crap shoot on whether or not the offense will pony up with some run support….

    Fortunately, all was well, and Tim Wakefield got his rotation leading 7th win of the 2009 campaign…Wake’s line for the contest: 6 2/3 innings, throwing an economical 80 pitches (Daisuke, are you watching? And he is a  KNUCKLEBALL pitcher!), 59 for strikes, giving up 3 runs on 8 hits while striking out 3 and walking NONE…From Wake: “…I’ve got to go out there and give them a shutout inning, and I was able to do that 1-2-3 and get our offense in the dugout and try to score more runs…The weather was cool today, it was nice. I was able to only throw 80 pitches through 6 2/3. I was very efficient today, and hopefully I can keep it going.”

    So, at the official 1/3 mark, and after a dismal beginning to the longest road trip of the year, the Sox return to Fenway tonight with 6-4 record, and have won their last 4 in a row….It also brings their road record to a much better 14-15, and their overall record to 10 games above 500 (32-22)–and hopefully they will end up over .500 in road games at some point soon…They’ re also still currently tied with the Skanks for 1st place in the AL East…

    David Ortiz, who sat yesterday because Dontrelle Willis is a lefthander (although, they should have let Papi play–Dontrelle would have walked him, just like he walked everyone else…) and his BA currently stands at .187 (yes, like a dollar and eighty-seven cents) with 1 home run. So now the next step is…AN EYE EXAM??? From Big Papi: “You know what? I’ve been thinking about getting my eyes checked, for real. (He occasionally wears glasses) There have been some situations that something has happened to my eyes, my vision. But I’m planning on getting my eyes checked out sometime soon . . . just to make sure…We get our eyes checked every year. I’m 20-20. Go and check it out. It’s
    not anything big. I will, though. I seriously will.” Papi, you’re the best clutch hitter the Sox have ever had–and it pains me horribly to see this awful decline in your production–But I think you are grasping at straws–big time…

    Oh CRAP, the “JD Drew could be gearing to go on a tear…” nonsense is starting again. This time, because June, historically, has been a good month for him–and its true–the only month he was ever remotely worth his $14 million salary was last June…

    Coming up: Bad Penny! kicks off the 6 game home stand, and the 1st of 3 games against the “Dark Bright Blue Team” (as my youngest says)–AKA The Josh Hamilton-less Texas Rangers (Josh is on the DL with a nasty side strain). He is opposed by Kevin Millwood. 1st pitch 7:10pm…

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