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  • June 4th, 2009

    Red Sox 10, Tigers 5:
    Again, with the difficult…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:51 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    For 6 2/3 innings, Josh Beckett was looking at a no-no–then, within one
    inning, BAM! The Tigers put 5 runs on the board, and the Sox had
    committed three errors–THREE! And No, Julio Lugo didn’t play–but one
    of the errors WAS Nick Green’s)

    Josh’s line: 7.2 inning, throwing 119 pitches, 80 for strikes, giving
    up 3 runs (all unearned–a combination of the 3 errors, and the fact
    that Daniel Bard couldn’t stop them from scoring) on 2 hits, while
    walking 2 hitting a batter, and striking out 9…Josh has been very good
    the last couple of outings, let’s hope this trend is the one he goes
    with for the rest of the season…

    And with last night’s win, and the Skanks loss, the Sox and the Skanks
    now share 1st place duties in the AL East…

    Jed Lowrie is stil on track for a June return, taking about 30 swings
    from each side of the plate before yesterday’s game. More from Jed: “It
    felt good today, and that was the first time I had done the over-hand
    stuff. Just continue to keep doing it. I say that all the time, but
    that’s all I can do. Just day by day and hope that it keeps getting
    better. I’ll keep working at it.” If all goes well with his testing
    tomorrow, it looks like he will progress to batting practice when the
    Sox return to Fenway this weekend…

    Remember how going to the bullpen meant time for the Tums and Jack
    Daniels smoothie? Remember Bullpen by Committee? How about Scott
    Williamson? Rudy Seanez? And the countless other members of a scary
    relief corp the Sox have had in recent (and no so recent) memory? Well,
    guess who LEADS THE MAJORS with a bullpen ERA of 2.89? Yep, the Boston Red Sox…freaking unbelievable, isn’t it? Although I do think Daniel Bard needs to go back to Pawtucket and get some more seasoning. The whole “I can throw a 100mph” is great and everything, but it always seems like he is giving up inherited runs–like the 2 charged to Josh Beckett last night….and then their was the 2 runs he earned all by himself–all of this happening in 1/3 of an inning…he is very young,
    and needs some seasoning….

    Numbers Game: In last night’s contest, Mike Lowell had his 1500th
    career hit, and Rocco Baldelli, had his 500th…It was also the 501st
    win for Terry Francona, the 3rd longest in Red Sox History…

    Holy Crap! What was Atlanta thinking?? Billerica native, co-star of
    the greatest commercial EVER, 305 game winner, and potential Hall
    of Famer Tom Glavine was RELEASED yesterday. And their reason? “This
    was not a business decision, This was a performance decision…We’ve
    been evaluating him the last four weeks and everyone felt we had a
    better chance to win at the major league level with one of our younger
    pitchers…We gave [Glavine] the option, ‘If you want to retire, you can
    retire as a Brave…He asked us to release him.” Glavine has been
    rehabbing after shoulder and elbow surgery, and just has a strong outing
    for A Rome, where he threw six scoreless innings…And yet another
    reason I cannot stand Atlanta…BUT, its interesting to note that the
    Sox are on the short list, if not at the top of the list of places
    Glavine would like to pitch–Theo–I know the Sox have way too much
    pitching–but SIGN HIM NOW!!!

    Coming up: Today marks the official ending of the 1st third of the 2009
    campaign at 54 games. Tim Wakefield takes the mound for the (hopefully) sweep against the Tigers, and extend their road record even further (it’s currently at 5-4). He is opposed by former phenom, turned pretty awful, Dontrelle Willis, which means HE’LL probably throw a
    no-hitter….1st pitch, 1:05pm…

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