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  • June 3rd, 2009

    Red Sox 5, Tigers 1 :
    A Difficult Win…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:29 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    One would think, by looking at the score, that the Sox won this game easily–but with Daisuke on the mound its never easy; Sure, the line for his 1st win for the season that wasn’t for Japan looks very good 5 innings, throwing 96 pitches (61 for strikes), while giving up 1 run on 6 hits while walking 3, having a wild pitch, and striking out 6. But it was vintage, Maalox-popping Daisuke, nibbling, going far too deep into counts, getting himself into all kinds of unnecessary jams, and generally causing millions of fans to scream at their televisions…

    And then there was Jonathan Papelbon, who, to be fair, hasn’t pitched since Minnesota, gets the bases loaded with no outs, with the tying run at the plate, a strikes out the side…another case of making things much more difficult than they need to be…

    One things that made this game easier to swallow was that Terry Francona is being smart about not playing Julio Lugo (Last night was the 3rd start in a row for Nick Green) Hopefully, that trend will continue until Jed Lowrie comes back, which should be about 2 weeks…Of course, the always delusional Julio Lugo still thinks he should be the starting shortstop for the Boston Red Sox: “I’m here, I’m ready. When he asks me to play, I’ll be ready. I ain’t going to worry about it anymore. Everything is fine, everything is perfect. I feel good mentally, physically. That’s his choice…”Of course, I want to be out there every day. I’m ready to be out there every day. I feel good now. Everything’s fine. I think I’m playing good right now.” Oh REALLY??????

    As expected, Mark Kotsay was with the Sox last night, about a month later than he anticipated when he had his back surgery in the off-season, but he is glad to be back: “I didn’t obviously meet the timeframe that I had set out for myself — unfortunately, the calf set me back a little. Everything happens for a reason. Maybe the back wasn’t ready in the time frame I set out for myself. Maybe I needed another month, and maybe that’s why the calf came about. But I’m back. It’s June 2, there’s still four months left and hopefully a postseason to contribute to this club.” The Sox option Jeff Bailey back to Pawtucket to accommodate Kotsay on the 25 man…

    Keep the dates free: If all goes well, John Smoltz will be making his 1st start for a team other than the only team he has ever known–the Atlanta Braves. And its looking like the start will be between June 16-18, when the Sox meet the Marlins at the Fens for more interleague play…I cannot WAIT to see him pitch in a Red Sox uniform–and I reallyREALLY hope he is the starter when I am there at the end of August…

    Coming up: Josh Beckett get the start in the 2nd game of this 3 games series with the Tigers–hopefully it will go a bit easier tonight, He is opposed by Armando Galarraga. 1st pitch 7:05pm

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