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  • Archive for May, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Cleveland 9:
    #^@&*^#&*(^#@^$#%^@$%^#$ Carl Pavano…

    Did you know that when Pavano was with the Skanks, he was hurt so often (or embellishing ailments to get out of pitching because he could not handle pitching in New York) that the Skankee players took to calling the 15 day DL, “the 15 day Pavano” Well, he obviously is doing much better, pitching […]

    Red Sox 7, Skankees 3:
    And that would be 5 Little Red Dots…

    Whoo hooo! Yeah, I know, they won’t always suck, and the Sox have 13 more games with them, blah blah blah. But for now, the Sox have a huge leg up on the Skanks–and the season series. And the injuries seem to be piling up on both sides. Youk was out again last night with […]

    Red Sox 6, Yankees 4:
    Righting the Ship…

    …I hope… Yes, beating the Skanks is completely fun and everything, especially in light of the fact they spent ALL THAT MONEY–and that has been a total waste…What is Mark Toxemia batting now? .190? And CC Sabathia, 1-3 with a 4.85 ERA, whom the Sox have not even seen yet, lost again this weekend…AND the […]

    Red Sox 0, Tampa Bay 13:
    A Haiku…

    Beckett was dreadful Last nights game did not happen Thank you Jacoby.

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