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  • May 8th, 2009

    Red Sox 13, Cleveland 3:
    Giving Wake Some Run Support…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:07 pm in Baseball,Old Friends,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    And how! An AL record breaking a 12-run 6th inning? And all of them coming before the 1st out in the frame? How come this stuff only happens when I am not watching??? It went single, walk, 1-run double, intentional walk, 2-run single, walk, 2-run double, infield single, 2-run single, infield single, 1 run single and 3-run homer (by Jason Bay, in his 2nd bat in the inning–and 4th RBI…)

    Although, with Big Papi out with a stuff neck Sir Julio the useless was the DH (and stated he was “comfortable there”–as I shudder with revulsion) it was probably better that I didn’t see that, despite the fact he went 3-5 with 3 runs, as well as a triple. Which just affirms my basic belief–Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes…And Wake was great–again, going 6.2, throwing 101 pitches, 61 for strikes, while giving up 2 runs (1 earned) on 4 hits, while striking out 3, walking 4, and having 2 hit batters. Unfortunately, Javier Lopez’s struggles continue, raising his ERA to 10.24–not super, to say the least…

    Red Sox Hall of Famer Dom DiMaggio, passed away early this morning, he was 92. The “Little Professor”, and younger brother of Yankee Joe, still holds the record for the longest consecutive game hitting streak in Red Sox history with 34 games. Dom was part of the “The Teammates”–which consisted of Ted Williams, Dom, Bobby Doerr, and Johnny Pesky… Godspeed Professor, you will be missed…

    I already weighed in on the whole Manny thing, so there isn’t much more to say at this point. But Bob Ryan brought up a good point in his article in the Globe. This screw-up (intentional on Manny’s part or otherwise) throws a huge @#&(&#@* you to the folks in LA who were so fond of saying that Manny’s behavior was all the because of Boston, and that he was the victim in all of this…Yeah, OK…now he is YOUR problem…still think they same? Any how ’bout that pay cut? Because the 50 games will be unpaid, $7.7 million dollars is to be subtracted from the $25 million he was to be paid for the 2009 campaign–leaving him with “paltry” $17.3 million–certainly not chump change for the rest of us normal people–but to Manny? HA HA

    Daisuke is doing well at Pawtucket, where he will pitch again on Sunday. He is expected to make at least one more start after that for the PawSox, before coming back to the bigs…

    So my parents spent their 42nd wedding anniversary in Las Vegas, and my father sent me an e-mail upon their return to let me know that the Monte Carlo Race & Sport Book & others are picking the Boston Red Sox to win the American League Championship Series. On May 4th, the odds were 2/1. Anaheim is 2nd with 6/1 odds, and the Skanks were 3rd at 3/2 odds. My Dad’s teams, the Cleveland Indians, are in 6th place, with 10/1 odds…Oh, and in case you were wondering, the Sox are also picked to win it all–a 3rd World Series in 6 years, with 4/1 odds…Thanks Dad!

    Coming up: The team that has the Sox’s number is back–for like the 20th time this season–ok, it’s only the 6th games against Tampa Bay–it just feels like 20, because they Sox just cannot seem to beat them. Bad Penny! gets the nod for the Sox, opposed by James Shields for the Rays. 1st pitch, 7:10pm…

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