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  • May 5th, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Yankees 4:
    Righting the Ship…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:42 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    …I hope…

    Yes, beating the Skanks is completely fun and everything, especially in light of the fact they spent ALL THAT MONEY–and that has been a total waste…What is Mark Toxemia batting now? .190? And CC Sabathia, 1-3 with a 4.85 ERA, whom the Sox have not even seen yet, lost again this weekend…AND the Sox beat them in their new home, with all its opulence and stuff–Fun times.

    BUT, just because we can beat up on the reeling Skanks (for now, cause you know they never go quietly into the dark night) doesn’t mean the Sox don’t have a number of problems–most prominently, the inability to beat the Tampa Bay Rays, not to mention the fact that they don’t have a concrete option at Shortstop. Yes, Nick Green has been doing better than Julio Lugo (not much comparison there), but there is a reason Nick Green hasn’t been a starting shortstop…he makes alot of errors too (currently 6–more than anyone else on the Sox–but his haven’t really impacted games as much as the Lugo errors did) or, perhaps his .232 (CHECK) career numbers? And since Lugo has been back, he has been directly responsible for TWO losses–and he has been back A WEEK! So now, Tito gave him last night off, and may even get him some more time off, so he can get better–good luck with that…

    I hear Rocco Baldelli may be back as early as Thursday, having completed his 1st rehab game with Pawtucket–can he play shortstop?

    So let’s talk about last night’s win. Jon Lester did what he needed to do, going 7 strong, giving up 3 runs on 6 hits (including 2 home runs) while striking out 10 and walking 2. He threw 111 pitches, 76 of those for strikes. Ramon Ramirez was scored up for the 1st time, bringing his ERA to a whopping .59 (yes, like 59 cents)

    And Mike Lowell hit ANOTHER homer, further showing how much BETTER OFF the Sox are without Mark Toxemia. Does anyone have their address? I would like to send Toxemia’s wife a fruit basket, for choosing to go play with the Skanks… And let’s not forget Jason Bay’s SEVENTH of the season…

    Still listening to the “Yankee Years” by Joe Torre–just finished the chapter about the 2004 ALCS–never fails to bring a smile to my face–but this book also gave some rather unsavory images of how Fatboy Roger Clemens would prepare for a game (I’ll spare you the details) which I could have done without…But its a good read so far. The chapter I am currently reading is called “The Abyss” which they are using to describe the 2005 Yankee Season…

    Coming up: Josh Beckett vs Joba the Hutt. Hopefully, the real Josh Beckett will be there–because we really have not seen him since Opening Day at Fenway. And how far have we fallen, that the Sox/Skanks have been reduced to a rather strange 2-game series on a Monday-Tuesday. And hopefully this one will start on time–not almost 2.5 hours late–it felt like they were playing a game on the left coast…1st pitch 7:05pm

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