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  • Archive for May, 2009

    Red Sox 3, Twins 1:
    Rabble Rouser, thy name is Josh Beckett…

    Just once, do you think Josh Beckett could keep himself out of trouble??? Apparently not. Although to be fair, his mouth was the least of it in yesterday’s 7th inning, when both catchers and both managers were ejected at different times, and for different reasons. Ron Gardenhire and catcher Mike Redmond were ejected in the […]

    Red Sox 2, Minnesota 4:
    Don’t even need to ask the question here…

    … I know what the hell is wrong with Daisuke… Where shall we begin? hmmm…he nibbles far too much, throws too many pitches, “likes” to call his own game–and has four, count ’em, FOUR wild pitches last night? In one game. Add in the one each from MDC and Justin Masterson, we have a record…although […]

    Red Sox 2, Minnesota 5:
    Same question, different pitcher…

    So….what the hell is wrong with Jon Lester? Is it really the workload from last year, catching up with him? He is a tall, strapping young man of 25–find that hard to believe. Is there something physical going on? Is he hurting? Or, is he just being more human than he was last year, when […]

    Red Sox 6, Twins 5:
    Hanging onto 1st Place…

    What the hell is wrong with Jonathan Papelbon??? Fortunately, this time, he didn’t TOTALLY blow the save–he only dented it. Here we have the Sox with a comfortable lead (6-3) in the 9th inning on Monday afternoon, and our closer comes in. Pretty much a sure thing huh? Think again. A 2-run homer later, and […]

    Red Sox 5, Toronto 1: When the AL East
    Leader Gets Swept…

    …On a very special “Blossom”… Again, Manny WHO? Not only is Manny Ramirez fading into obscurity (being suspended for PED for 50 games has a tendency to do that to you…But his replacement (“But Manny cannot be replaced!”–Yeah, OK…) has stepped into the role of very superb left fielder (did you see that catch he […]

    Red Sox 8, Toronto 3:
    Top 9 Reasons Last Nights Game was
    the Best (So Far) in 2009

    Holy Buckets! THAT a great game last night! I always enjoy games that have a lot of Red Sox hitting, and this one was one of the best: 9. Jacoby Ellsbury tying the ML Record for putouts in 1 game with 12… 8. Baldelli’s triple–he has been unwell and injured for so long, I forgot […]

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