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  • Archive for April, 2009

    Red Sox 12, Oreos 1:
    Sweeping for 4…

    Justin Masterson, with his 1st win in the 2009 campaign (no big surprise here) went 5 1/3 innings, throwing 84 pitches (56 for strikes) and giving up the only run (and the only 4 hits) the cookies scored in the entire contest. He also struck out 3 and walked 2… The rest of the bullpen […]

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 1 :
    Four Little Red Dots…

    Yeah, Yeah, I know, they are only the Orioles, they are the worse team in the AL East, and have been for like a thousand years. BUT, they are currently at the top of the division, and the Skanks can’t seem to beat them… And a win is a win, no matter who the Sox […]

    Red Sox 8, Oakland 2:
    Holy Buckets! An Actual WIN???

    And what makes a win every better? When one of the most standup Red Sox players EVER, flirts with history. Tim Wakefield, whom the team DESPERATELY needed to go the distance, after the bullpen had to pitch 10 2/3 innings the day before in the Daisuke Massacre, did so–and even took a no no into […]

    Book Review:
    Fenway! The Ultimate Fan Guide

    “Be they friend or foe of The Nation, any fan who experiences a Sox game at Fenway immediately knows they are enjoying the greatest park ever to grace the baseball landscape. The wonderfully inexplicable outfield dimensions, the fabled Green Monster, and the positively palpable scent of history tells the visitor that this certainly is the […]

    Red Sox 2, Oakland 8:
    Uh…What the HELL is going on here???

    I know, I know, its only 7 games into the season, and no reason to panic, but when the black dots (the losses) on my calendar are almost TWICE the red dots (the wins), I am starting to get a little apprehensive…Do I need to mention they haven’t started a season this bad since 1996? […]

    Red Sox 4, Angels 5:
    Not liking this Trend…

    OK, can someone please tell me why we roll over the Angels in every postseason we have faced them in recent history (3 times in the last 5 season), but we can very rarely beat them in regular play? I don’t get it… An with Josh Beckett on the mound, I always have a confidence […]

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