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  • April 20th, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 1 :
    Four Little Red Dots…

    Posted by Christine E. at 10:45 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Yeah, Yeah, I know, they are only the Orioles, they are the worse team in the AL East, and have been for like a thousand years. BUT, they are currently at the top of the division, and the Skanks can’t seem to beat them…

    And a win is a win, no matter who the Sox are playing, and with yesterday’s win, the Sox pull to .500 in this young season…

    The Jon Lester of 2008 seems to have returned, pitching a gem yesterday, 7 innings of 4 hit ball, while striking out 9 and walking 2…Takashi Saito, with his 1st save in a Red Sox uniform (he has had 81 with other teams…), gave up the only run the cookies scored yesterday.

    Has anyone else noticed that Ramon Ramirez is pretty untouchable these days? Another row of zeros in his 1 inning of work yesterday, and he still has a 0.00 ERA–and there isn’t much fanfare, just goes quietly about his business…talk about nice change–having a strong bullpen that can bail the starters out–not to mention help them hold onto leads….

    Until such time as Brad Penny stops sucking ROYALLY, I will be calling him “BAD PENNY!” He is like the Chien Ming-Wang of the Red Sox, with his 11.00 ERA.

    Speaking of Chien Ming–another day, another 8 run 1.1 inning outing for him–his ERA is now at 34+, and helped the Skanks gets their asses handed to them in a 22-4 laugher against Cleveland over the weekend… I am just wondering how much longer they are going to keep Wang in the rotation? Looks like he has completely lost it…HA HA

    So, MLB baseball has reduced Beckett’s 6 game suspension to 5 games, which he started on Sunday, which allows him to make a Saturday start against the Skanks (he and Jon Lester will flip flop.) While he wanted to fight it to the bitter end, he was asked by the Sox to talk one for the team and just do the suspension. From Tito: “I don’t think that the organization felt like it was ever going to get lessened more than five. Regardless of how we feel about what happened, once the decision was made [by MLB] to overturn the umpires, looking at past history and how the league feels about it, regardless of what kind of case Josh stated, I don’t think they go below five, because they want you to miss a start…”

    So after everyone said all Jed Lowrie needed was some cortisone shots and some rest, he is heading to Arizona today for another opinion from specialist Dr. Donald Sheridan. And, if appears that the season ending surgery is still an option…We’ll know more later today….Picture 013

    My husband was in Boston all last week for a conference, so of course he brought me home some Sox Swag–very cool Jason Varitek Bobble head, and the 2009 Red Sox Year Book–Thanks Honey!

    Coming up: While I think Patriot’s day is nice and all–and I know they run the Boston Marathon today, but an 11:05AM start on a dreary Monday in April, is not my idea of a good time. The Sox, going for the sweep of the Oreos in this 4 game series, Justin Masterson, in place of the ailing Daisuke (but wont have be popping the Maalox) gets the nod on this auspicious day, making his 1st start of the 2009 campaign. He is opposed by for Tampa Bay Ray (and REALLY tall guy) Mark Hendrickson…

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