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  • April 15th, 2009

    Book Review:
    Fenway! The Ultimate Fan Guide

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:40 am in Baseball,Book Reviews,Red Sox Comment (1)

    “Be they friend or foe of The Nation, any fan who experiences a Sox game at Fenway immediately knows they are enjoying the greatest park ever to grace the baseball landscape. The wonderfully inexplicable outfield dimensions, the fabled Green Monster, and the positively palpable scent of history tells the visitor that this certainly is the most glorious baseball home ever built…”

    And so begins, Fenway! The Ultimate Fan Guide, written by Connecticut (and life long Red Sox fan) Tim Shea. With all the scoop needed to ensure a very cool and hassle-free Fenway experience, this book is jammed packed with all sorts of useful info, which, up to now, has never been compiled into 1 place.

    And there is a TON of stuff in this book:

    Details on all of the Fenway improvements made by the John Henry/Tom Werner/Larry Lucchino ownership group over the last 8 years, and info on the upcoming ones…

    How to get tickets (and no, using scalpers and being…uh, scalped is not one of the options), including the different types of seating, tips on the best ones to choose, and their 2009 prices.

    And the TONS Of trivia in this book is way cool: Did you know that if you sit in the Coca-Cola Corner, you are actually 20-30 feet higher up than the folks sitting in the green monster seat? Me either…Or how about when you are taking the Fenway Park Tour (I have done it twice–GO), try to avoid the last tour of the day on game days (they run until 3 hours before game time)because this tour is inevitably cut short, so you will not get the full experience…Did not know that one either.

    There is also a great section on some lesser known (and much more reasonable) parking options–because, is it really necessary to pay $40 or more to park your car?

    Also included are good places to eat, sleep and drink, including ratings on the hotels, as well as contact info on the lot.

    And probably one of the most useful things in the book is demystifying the whole “are my seats behind a pole” conundrum. Every Section of the Grandstand Seats is broken down and includes 2009 pricing, location, and exactly where those @^!&*@&^# poles are.

    And since its nearly impossible to read the seating charts and figure out where you are actually sitting, Tim has figured out how close to the field EVERY SEAT IS…How cool is that?

    He also has a blog, which offers updates on Fenway as they are available; or, you can drop Tim a line and let him know how much you liked his book.

    Fenway! The Ultimate Fan Guide is available as a paperback from Amazon and also as a downloadable eBook. The eBook is available in 2 forms: the entire book or just the pole obstruction diagrams along with the How Far from the Field? section. 

    So, if you are going to Fenway for the 1st, or the 1,001st time, you need this book in either form…It can save you tons of grief, time and expense…Check it out!

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    Fenway! The Ultimate Fan Guide”

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