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  • April 3rd, 2009

    Red Sox 3, Twins 7:
    The Last Spring Training Game of 2009….

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:36 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Holy Buckets! After waiting this long, its hard to believe in THREE DAYS, the 2009 campaign will begin…and not a moment too soon…

    Looks like Brad Penny is now the official #5 starter of the Boston Red Sox, says he is throwing without any kind of pain–at least to him. Watching his performance last night was a bit painful, with the whole 5 hits and 3 runs over a 79 pitch 5 innings, while striking out 3, and walking none…

    All in, the Sox finish the 2009 Grapefruit League Season, a respectable 19-13…

    Someone asked me this week: What is the best sports month of the year? I know the easy answer would be October, the postseason, but that is only the best sports month if you team actually makes it to the postseason. If you players are playing golf while another team is winning the pennant, sort sucks all of the life out of things, ya know? So, for me, I would have to say April. It’s the beginning, where everyone is equal, and you get too see players start to develop, and watch them meld as a team. And, if you are the fan of a team that is usually out of the running by May, April gives you those elusive moments where your team could be in 1st place. Sure, it’s only because 11 games have been played, and the front runner has had a slow start–but any time in 1st place, even a couple of days, is a good thing…

    Coming up: Some exhibition games against the Mets in their brand New Citi Field tonight and tomorrow (these are actually the 1st games to be played there—ever…), then a day off on Sunday, and they return home to Fenway Park to host the Tampa Bay Rays, with Josh Beckett taking the mound for the Sox. 1st pitch on Monday: 2:05pm… And I will be in front of my 42″ plasma, with HD, watching DO and Rem Dawg kick off the 2009 Season—CANNOT…WAIT

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