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  • Archive for April, 2009

    Red Sox 6, Cleveland 5, in 10 innings:
    Scratching and Clawing and Biting…

    So, my husband’s question to me this morning, probably echoed throughout The Nation last night: “Who the HELL is Jonathan Van Every???” The rookie called up to replace Rocco Baldelli on the DL, who filled in for JD Drew last night in right field. And the man who stroked a beautiful solo shot (the 1st […]

    Red Sox 8, Cleveland 9:
    How many more…

    Games does Julio Lugo have to LOSE for the Boston Red Sox, before Tito gets rid of his sorry ass? How many? 10? 25? 50? He starts the season on the DL, and the Sox “manage” to go 13-6 while he is out, including a sweep of the Skanks, and winning 11 IN A ROW… […]

    Red Sox 3, Cleveland 1:
    And that would be #11…

    Tim Wakefield really seems to get what the team needs, and then delivers. He knew the bullpen was depleted from the marathon that was The Sweep Weekend, and gave them a rest by throwing 7 innings of scoreless baseball. Throwing 112 pitches, 63 for strikes, Wake struck out 5, walked 4, hit someone, and had […]

    Red Sox 5, Skanks 4,
    Red Sox 16, Skanks 11,
    Red Sox 4, Skanks 1,
    Holy Buckets! Was NOT expecting THAT!!!

    Whoo Hoo! Well, that was an incredible weekend of baseball! We had everything–good pitching, a couple guys with 6 RBI games, and someone stealing home plate! It doesn’t get much better than this… And how bout that STEAL? WOW…I am watching the game, watching…watching…and freaking Jacoby Ellsbury just APPEARS at home plate out of nowhere. […]

    April 24, 2009:
    Countdown to 7:10…

    Just some randomness before the 1st Sox/Skanks series of the 2009 campaign: Is it just me, or are they much less “ARGH!!!!!!!” than they used to be? I guess 2 World Series in 5 years is a great equalizer… So the Sox have brought back Kason Gabbard, whom they gave up to the Rangers in […]

    Red Sox 10, Twins 1
    Red Sox 7, Twins 3:
    And that makes 7 in a Row…

    A winning streak of 7 games is a long way from the suckiness that was 2-6…Whoo Hoo! Tim Wakefield was masterful in his 7 innings of work–and because of the shorted game–he pitched all of it–yes, 2 complete games in a row for Tim Wakefield. His line: 1 run on 5 hits, with 4 strikeouts, […]

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