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  • March 20th, 2009

    Red Sox 9, Cincinnati 1:
    Creeping Closer to .500…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:55 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Thanks to old friend Bronson Arroyo–I still miss him in the rotation, although after his performance yesterday, (4 runs on 3 hits, including 2 homers, in 5 innings of work) maybe a little less so.

    Jon Lester fared much better, going 4 1/3, throwing 67 pitches (45 for strikes) while giving up only 1 run, while striking out 6 and walking 1… MDC also contributed to the win, with 1 2/3 of 1 hit ball….

    Jed Lowrie, further proving he reallyREALLY needs to be the Sox starting shortstop, went 3 for 4 with a 2-run homer and 3 RBI’s…

    Kevin Youkilis has been downed with mild achilles strain and mild ankle strain, and came back to the Sox this week. He says this is just a minor thing, and hopes to be playing again by next week…OK, I know they are saying that the WBC is not at fault here–but the Sox ENTRUSTED 6 of their players to the crapping baseball classic–and TWO of them are sent home lame–and one they insisted on playing at 1st base, despite the fact that Big Papi said his shoulder hurts when he throws (thankfully, no damage was done there) OK, folks, ENOUGH IS ENOUGH… I know it’s an honor to play for your country–but the fact of the matter is that ball clubs pay you a ridiculous amount of money to play for their team and win World Series–THAT needs to be the focus…

    So can I tell you I am sweating the whole Daisuke thing–he would be like a rabid pit bull to win for Japan–and he already throws far too many pitches, and that is encouraged over that–this is a catastrophe waiting to happen.

    So I come home from work yesterday to find that my husband has gotten me an autographed copy of Howard Frank Mosher’s book “Waiting for Teddy Williams” Here is what the blurb says: From the remote village of Kingdom Common, VT, noted for its fervent devotion to the Red Sox, comes Ethan “E.A.” Allen, a young man with a chance to change baseball history. Home schooled, father less, and living on the wrong side of the tracks, E.A. is haunted by a dark mystery in his family’s past until a drifter named Teddy arrives in his life, determined to teach E.A. everything he knows about baseball…This sounds WAY cool, and is currently in the 3 book rotation I have right now…I’ll keep you posted. Adding this to the list, of course, means that it’ll take me even longer to finish the Joe Torre book…

    Coming up: The Sox stay home for this one, to host Pittsburgh, and this is supposed to be the game where Dustin Pedroia plays for the 1st time since getting hurt at the WBC. 1st pitch is 1:05, with Clay Buchholz getting the start. Pitchers who will also see work are Javier Lopez (who came back from the WBC unscathed–hopefully) Takashi Saito, Hideki Okajima and Jonathan Papelbon…

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