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  • March 16th, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Oreos 6:
    Is there a problem here?

    Posted by Christine E. at 11:36 am in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    PLEASE tell me the cookies are not going to be a thorn in the side this year…They have faced the Oreos 4 times this Spring Training–and have lost to them ALL FOUR TIMES–there always seems to be 1 crappy team that the Sox cannot seem to beat in a season–and here’s to hoping its not the Oreos, as the Sox meet them 18 times in 2009…

    And we got to see Clay Buchholz channel Daisuke (who is kicking ass over in the WBC) throw nearly 70 pitches, and not be able to get out of the 4th inning, while striking out 6 and allowing a run…

    This now brings the Sox grapefruit record to an abysmal 6-10…UGH…

    But there was some good news. Thanks to an error by a player I had never heard of, the Sox had a 7 run 2nd inning (6 of them being unearned) against the Skanks on Friday night, including homers by Mike Lowell (!!) and Big Papi (!!) which lead to a Sox win of 8-4…Just have to do that 18 more times….

    What did I tell you? WHAT DID I TELL YOU??? This &@*(#&)@*(&#*(@&)*(#& WBC…What a bunch of crap. They send one of the Sox back screwed up–none other than Dustin Pedroia, who had pain in his left side, and WAS GOING TO PLAY THROUGH IT for the freakin WBC–until Youk told him to see a doctor–who diagnosed a strained left abdominal muscle–not a strained oblique that was fear. Right now he is to rest and rehab it, until he feels well enough to play again…From Pedroia: “…nothing to be worried about.”I’ll just take a couple days and try to get it calmed down, and then move on from there. I’m not worried about it.” ARGH……the WBC is the devil…

    And while I never want to wish injury or badness on someone–especially a member of the Boston Red Sox, but I cannot help but feel a tiny bit glad that Julio Lugo has another injury–a meniscus tear in his right knee, and will be scoped tomorrow. No telling how severe the injury is–he could be ready in a month–or it could be 6 weeks–but since Opening Day is 3 weeks tomorrow, not looking like he will be making that deadline…

    Speaking of Opening Day–what were the idiots in the home office of scheduling thinking? Apparently the same thing every year, as they always make the 1st game of the season a DAY GAME. After 5 months (for some teams, even longer) of no baseball, NOW we have to take vacation time to go home and watch it?

    Hey, it’s my 1st game in HD on the 42″ plasma–WHERE DO you think I will be? YEAH….

    And the Sox made it official what we all knew was pending: They and Jon Lester have agreed to the terms of 5 years, $30 million, with a team option of $14 million for 2014. From Jon on the occasion: “I’ve had a lot of ups and downs, both on and off the field. I’ve definitely learned a lot from those downs on the field, and definitely a lot from the ones off the field. I think it put me in a better position last year to succeed, because of the downs I had been through and some of the trials — it just makes you appreciate when you go out there and actually do succeed.” Have we mentioned that he is only 25???

    And it looks like its going to be a loooooong season for Joe Torre and his Dodgers–Manny was removed from yesterdays game with left hamstring issues–AGAIN…And, apparently, Torre wanted to have his DH–but Manny insisted on playing left field, where the injury happened as he was running for a ball…all I can say–better them than the Sox…

    Coming up: The Sox travel to the US home of the Toronto Blue Jays–Dunedin, FL, with Justin Masterson getting the start for the Sox. Doc Halladay gets the nod for the Jays. 1st pitch is 1:05pm…

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    Is there a problem here?”

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