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  • March 4th, 2009

    Red Sox 8, Reds 9:
    Missed it by THIS much…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:46 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Despite the fact that Jon Lester had another amazing outing, 2 innings of no hit ball, throwing 20 pitches (12 for strikes), and striking out 2, the Sox fell to the Red by 1…

    This now brings the Sox Grapefruit record to: 2-5…UGH…

    So much for tomorrow: Brad Penny, who was aiming for his 1st start in a Red Sox uniform in tomorrow’s WBC exhibition game, has been pushed back. On Sunday, while he was throwing batting practice, he felt right shoulder fatigue, and cut his work short. After an “evaluation” (That word always strikes fear in my heart–and I am sure I am not alone there…) the Sox determined that he should go back to throwing on flat ground, and work more on he strength program for his shoulder that has been an ongoing process…From Brad: “I don’t think the shoulder strength is quite where it needed to be yet for the workload that had been scheduled out. It’s better to take it easy right now than to get out there the first week of April and have it flare up on me. So just staying on the shoulder program–still going to play catch and just try to get my shoulder strength to where I need it to be.”

    OK, who had March 2nd in the “1st shot in the back for JD Drew in 2009? Cause you win this lovely set of Ginsu Knives! Citing what is called a “facet block with a little bit of cortisone” (LINK) JD Drew actually got on a plane on Sunday night (which is HORRIBLE for a bad back) and flew back to Boston, so one of the Sox staff, Dr. Bill Palmer, could administer the injection. He then flew back to Florida (again, bad on the back) on Monday….He says its already feeling better, and hopes this does the trick, as his goal is to start against the Marlins on Friday…Ah huh….

    The OC AND Nomar? Holy Buckets! The replacement (Orlando Cabrera) and the replacee (Nomar) of shortstop saga that was 2004 have BOTH been signed with Oakland. No word on what position Nomar will play. Both Contracts are for 1 year, with OC’s for $4 million, but no terms on Nomar’s have been released at this point…

    And supposedly, Manny is NOW ready to accept the 2-Year, $45 million contract from the Dodgers–Terms are still being hammered out–maybe he wants the payout in green skittles and pennies….

    And Barry Bonds, whose Federal trial was postponed AGAIN, this time until July, wants to make a comeback and play in 2009. So his agent should be calling any day–to everyone, seeing if there is any interest. There wasn’t any last year–why should there be this year? And what happens when the trial starts in July? I would think he would need to be there…

    Coming up: The Sox 1st off day in Spring Training, then a WBC exhibition against Puerto Rico Thursday at noon. Clay Buchholz, replacing the ailing Brad Penny gets the start…

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