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  • March 2nd, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Twins 1,
    Red Sox 16, Reds 5:
    Much MUCH Better….

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:41 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Some really nice pitching happened on Sunday: Another perfect outing from Josh Beckett (2 innings thrown, with nothing else–no hits/walks/strikeouts–nuthin… Also heartening to see Tim Wakefield have 2 innings of excellence, giving up only 1 hit while walking 1, which is decidedly better than the 2 inning/3 run inaugural outing against the Twins last week…

    Nice to see Pedroia and Youkilis contributing at the plate, with the Sac fly by Pedroia, and the 1st homer of the 2009 campaign for Youk–too bad they are now on their way to the freakin WBC, which means the Sox could potentially be without them until the end of March…

    Have I mentioned how much I HATE the WBC???

    So now, with the pummeling of the Reds on Saturday, the Sox have a semi-respectable 2-3 record–which is better than the 0-3 record they had going into Saturday’s game….And the Sox and the Twins now stand at 1 game each in their battle for the Mayor’s cup. They have 3 more games to decide where the Cup will be living this year…

    And Clay Buchholz did very well against the Red in Saturday’s game, throwing 2 innings of 1-hit ball, while walking none and striking out 1. He threw 35 pitches, 21 for strikes. I am not getting excited about this AT ALL. A spring training game has to be one of the least stressful situations–so of course he will do well. It’s when there is actual game stress, he folds–and no I have no answer for you as it relates to the No No he threw in 07…

    And, in the never-ending saga of the unemployed Manny Ramirez–he had totally refused the offer on the table from the Dodgers, which is causing the Dodgers to scramble and start all over, so they can sign this guy. I dont understand. They are betting against THEMSELVES, just like whatshishead (I know his name is Tom Hicks) from the Rangers who decided to pay A-Fraud $250 million, when the closest deal to that was $160 million–and it was his! I think Frank McCourt is being an idiot about this (although, to be fair, I think he is an idiot with regard to just about everything else–and OH SO Grateful his mission to buy the Sox crashed and burned…) So now Boras wants $45 million for 2 years to be paid over that 2 year span–with no deferment, which is what the Dodger offering wanted–deferring $25 million (in (2) $10 and (1) $5 million payouts) until 2011,2012, and 2013, respectively…Honestly, this negotiation has the most revolting cast of characters–Satan, Manny, and McIdiot…

    Coming up: The Sox face the Baltimore Oreos for the 1st time this year, in beautiful sunny Fort Lauderdale. Justin Masterson gets the nod for the Sox, with Brad Bergesen getting the nod for the cookies. 1st pitch 1:05pm.

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