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  • February 27th, 2009

    Red Sox 2, Pittsburgh 3:
    Not going in the right direction, here…

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:49 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    While Jon Lester pitched his 2 scoreless innings, throwing 30 pitches, giving up 2 hits, while walking none and striking out 2, and is quickly getting that “The Nation expects you to win whenever you take the mound, and are shocked when you dont” reputation, as we do with Josh Beckett, the Sox still lost, which brings their Grapefruit League record to 0-2…UGH.

    I KNOW its only Spring Training, but STILL….

    Here is the latest and greatest schedule for the 2009 Campaign:

    2009 Schedule

    The usual stuff–18 games with the Skanks, and far too many with Baltimore, Tampa Bay and Toronto (Nature of the beast, being in the same division, I suppose). In interleague play, the Sox are playing the Nationals for the 1st time, since their move, and will also face the Phillies (UGH), Atlanta (should be 2 weekends chock FULL of the “John Smoltz story” the Mets, and the Marlins (maybe the Sox could have another one of those 25-8 games–that was a fun one…)

    And of course, the weekend I will be at the shore in August–the Sox are playing the Skanks (if you recall, the last time I was at the shore and the Sox played the Skanks the same weekend, was the weekend of the “Boston Massacre” in 2006…) So hopefully, they will fare better this year.

    This year’s final weekend is 4 games at home vs Cleveland–which is decidedly better than the last weekend being against the Skanks. The last weekend between them is the weekend before…

    What I noticed most about the schedule is the wonkiness of the start times–they are all over the map: 7:05, 7:07, 7:10, 7:35, 3:35, 3:37, etc etc–

    And we don’t even need to mention the whole “middle of the night” schedule 10:05, et al… They have 4 of those in April, 4 in May–and then that is it for 2009–so that is not as bad–get them out of the way…

    And, once again this year, the Sox have the Thursday after the All-Star break off, so we, once again for FOUR days without meaningful baseball…

    Overall, I think it’s a rather uninspired schedule. Same old same old. Although from September 15th to October 4th (the last game of the season) they play without a break–20 days–which is the max the union allows them to play without a day off…

    Coming up, phenom in training Michael Bowden takes the mound as the Sox face Tampa Bay for the 1st time since the Game 7 of the ALCS. 1st pitch 1:05pm. And while I cannot speak for anyone else–I am NOT considering this to be a “rematch” of Game 7 or anything–they beat the Sox fair and square–I just wish they has beaten the Phillies…

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