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  • February 13th, 2009

    Friday, February 13th, 2009:
    A Bunch of Boston Red Thoughts….

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:37 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    On one of my favorite days of the year, (Friday the 13th) I offer a Bakers Dozen (13 of course) of random Red Thoughts…

    1. Despite the fact that its only about 35 degrees here, knowing that the beginnings of baseball are being played somewhere, gives me hope that it will actually be sunny and 75 again someday…

    2. All the physicals happen today for the Pitchers and Catchers who reported yesterday. I wonder if folks, like Jason Varitek, who just had a physical, like last week, need to go through it again?

    3. This is Tim Wakefield’s 15th year with the Sox, making him the eldest elder statesman of the team, and, at age 42, shows no sign of slowing down. The team holds an infinite option on him, which means that as long as he wants to play, and as long as the Sox want him, they pay him $4 million a year, and in Boston he stays. Because the knuckleball is not as tough on the body, he could conceivably pitch into his late 40’s…and with the rate he eats inning (end highest innings in the last 2 years), and the fact that he will go out and win 14-16 games a year, this is not even something to think about…And Tim Wakefield is one of my favorite Red Sox players–a good citizen–both on the field, and off….

    4. Did anyone else know that Kevin Cash (Wake’s batterymate from last year) ended up with a minor league deal with the Skanks? When did that happen?

    5. We got HD for our 42″ plasma over the weekend–can I just tell you how I cannot WAIT to see Red Sox games in NESN HD on this TV?? Rem-Dawg and DO in High Def-there is nothing better..

    6. Just because the Skanks spent nearly a 1/2 a BILLION dollars on three, count ’em THREE players, does not mean they have the division, the league or the World series buttoned up…they have spent over a BILLION dollars in the last 8 years, and have NOTHING to show for it…Not to say that they can’t win–it’s just not a guarantee…And for those of you who feel the excessive Skankee spending should be stopped, and a salary cap placed–why? One of the most entertaining parts of the baseball season is watching them throw money at all the aging superstars, and them watching them playing golf in October

    7. Still no word on what is happening with Mike Timlin–he does not want to retire, but there does not seem to be any teams interested. There is still some time–but he is 42, and seems to always be either injured, or ineffective. Sad to see, but I am glad he won’t be on the mound with the Sox in July, with the game on the line, and he gives up the homer that beats them…

    8. Remember how Cleveland kicked butt in 2007, almost beating the Sox to advance to the World Series, but then in 2008, they sucked? Could that possibly happen to Tampa Bay? Everyone is talking about this 3-way epic battle for the AL East–is it conceivable that they could crash and burn? Probably unlikely, but that is the fun thing about baseball–anything can happen….

    9. It will be VERY interesting to see how A-Fraud deals with all the scorn and scrutiny he will be coming under this year with regard to the steroid stuff. He is a neurotic narcissist–what is all the pressure going to do to him? And he got a nasty hand slap from the used car salesman (aka Bud Selig) yesterday, which probably hurts him more than anything else: “What Alex did was wrong and he will have to live with the damage he has done to his name and reputation. While Alex deserves credit for publicly confronting the issue, there is no valid excuse for using such substances, and those who use them have shamed the game…” Egads! Someone doesn’t LIKE ME! Whaaaaa…

    10. And giant HA HA goes out to Fat Boy Roger Clemens, who had most of his lawsuit against former personal trainer, Brian McNamee, DISMISSED. The ruling was made because McNamee was compelled by the investigators of the Mitchell report. The only statement that is still left is the one made by Andy Pettitte, which corroborated McNamee’s statements that Fat Boy used HGH and steroids…He has 30 days to file an amended suit.This is so good, I think it deserves another HA HA….

    11. From All-Star to Felon: So Jose Offerman, who was granted probation (he could have gotten up to 10 years) for the 2 charges of felony assault he had, as a result of him hitting 2 players from the Bridgeport Bluefish during a game in 2007. Jose was playing for the Long Island Ducks when he was hit by a pitch; he then charged the mound, hitting both the pitcher and catcher with the bat. But now he is being sued by the catcher, who is seeking $4.8 million in damages, alleging the attack “left him with permanent injuries that ended his career.” How charming, Jose…

    12. Skanks Manager Joe Girardi is going to keep an eye out for any suspicious activity (read: performance enhancers) in the clubhouse…Great… I feel safer already–But Isn’t this more than a little bit like watching the henhouse, AFTER the foxes have eaten all the chickens?

    13. Theo and Tito did their 1st dog and pony show for the press yesterday, and Theo had this to say about Mike Lowell: “…he’s not experiencing any pain or any symptoms. He’s been doing some baseball activities. He hasn’t really run yet full-fledged, and that’s going to be an important step for him. We’re going to take it slow….to coincide with getting him ready for Opening Day.” Whoo Hoo! I own a Mike Lowell jersey-and I want to be able to wear it.

    Coming up: Spring Training continues with the remainder of the squad reporting to Fort Myers on Monday…

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