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  • February 12th, 2009

    February 12, 2009:
    Happy Pitchers and Catchers!

    Posted by Christine E. at 6:50 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    A couple of hours ago, the remainder of the pitchers and catchers for the Boston Red Sox reported to Fort Myers to kick off the 2009 Campaign. Whooo Hooo!

    Newcomers Brad Penny (who threw off the mound yesterday–without pain, which is HUGE) John Smoltz and Takashi Saito all arrived early to their 1st camp for the Sox…

    Also arriving yesterday, and not looking like a totally lard belly (remember last year? UGH) was Josh Beckett, who threw 62 pitches off the mound, and seems to be totally recovered from the oblique injury he suffered at the end of the 2008 campaign…

    And it’s interesting to note that the Sox are unsure who will actually be catching Tim Wakefield this year–I just thought it would be Josh Bard, despite his struggles in 2006. But it could actually be Jason Varitek, which scares the ever-loving crap out of me, as it should anyone who watched that battery mate matchups in the 2004 ALCS against the Skanks…Of course, it may have had a harder impact because my nervous system was shutting down during the trials and tribulations of those last 4 games…

    So Miguel Tejada has been charged with lying to Congress with regard to his knowledge of an ex-teammate using steroids. As part of a please agreement, he pleaded guilty, and could face up to a year in jail for the misdemeanor (who’s official name is “making misrepresentations to Congress”)–although he probably will not. It is unknown who the teammate it–just that he played with Tejada when he played for Oakland…And what is most surprising to me is that he would not drop a dime on his teammate–He never struck me as the type of person to protect someone else–unless, perhaps, this person had dirt on HIM…

    Amid all the brouhaha with regard to the “sacrilegious 104” who all tested positive (this number includes Alex Rodriguez). There is a question that begs to be asked: When the results were given to the players union, why on EARTH would they keep copies of them–wouldn’t it have been in their best interest to destroy those documents so they could not come back and bite them in the ass–like now?

    I can imagine there are ALOT of players (103 to be exact) who are wondering when they will be outed–because I cannot imagine that some, if not all of those names will not come out–eventually…right now, an appeals court of 11 judges in California have the responsibility of determining whether or not the list can be used to subpoena players on it to testify…

    And I think there are going to be alot of fans who are going to be crushed when it does happen…

    In a rare occurrence, Dioner Navarro lost in salary arbitration, when the Tampa Bay Rays were only required to pay him $2.1 million, rather than the $2.5 million he asked for. A total of 17 players are scheduled for hearings this year…I wonder if the economy is what is impacting this….

    And Manny has a book coming out, an “authorized biography” that will hit the bookshelves next month, supposedly offering his take on stuff. I am a voracious reader–but that is one book I have absolutely NO desire to read–I think he is an idiot…what could anyone possibly say that would change that?

    Coming up: 1st workout on Saturday, and then he rest of the position players must report by Monday–and it’s Valentine’s Day on Saturday as well–hoping I get the new Joe Torre book–because you KNOW I will be reviewing that at some point…

    One Response to “February 12, 2009:
    Happy Pitchers and Catchers!”

    1. Bret Veve says:

      Good post, i totally had fun reading it. I look forward to seeing more.

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