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  • January 26th, 2009

    January 26, 2009:
    Well, What are you waiting for?

    Posted by Christine E. at 3:12 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    So, the latest word around town is that the Sox have a 2 year modified deal on the table for Jason Varitek. It would be $5 million for the year #1, and then for year #2 a dual option–which would be a club option for $5 million or a $3 million player option (Like what they did with Keith Foulke). Of course there would be a ton of attainable incentives to increase his contract further.

    And with 17 days left until pitchers and catchers, and not even a HINT of other offers even out there, I think he should be glad for it, and take the money and run….

    Not finding a regular everyday job, Sean Casey, the Sox backup 1st baseman for the 2008 campaign, has decided to call it a career. A lifetime .302 hitter with 130 homers and 735 RBI’s, in addition his 1 year with the Sox, he played for the Reds for 8 of his 12 years in the bigs, and also played with Cleveland, Detroit and Pittsburgh. But he won’t be idle long, having signed a contract with the MLB network, in a role to be determined. You’ll be able to check him out on Channel 213 on DirectTV…

    So I did not spend 1 minute in the virtual waiting room on Saturday, waiting to buy tickets to Fenway. I was tempted–really I was, but when I went to the schedule for June-Aug–there was no teams I had any burning desire to see the Sox play. A friend has season tickets in the bleachers–maybe I can pick up a game there–but I would much rather drive the 3-4 hours to Cooperstown NY to see Jim Ed get inducted into the Hall….

    And its official: Alex Core will be wearing a Mets uniform in 2009, having signed a 1-year $2 million deal with the ballclub. He will serve as backup middle infield–pretty much what he did for the Sox–nice chunk of change for a part time job….

    There are still 100 major league players who do not have a place for the 2009 campaign. This number includes surprises like Manny, Nomar, and Pedro…Oh, how far we have fallen…

    So, the rumor around town is that Julio Lugo has gained 10 lbs of muscle and is armed for bear to regain his starting job as shortstop of the Red Sox. How is 10lbs worth of muscle going to help his countless errors??? I would rather a shortstop with 3 errors a year that bats .240, than a shortstop that bats .270 a year (which is about as good as Lugo is ever gonna get–if that) and has 22 errors…..

    Now THIS is a book I will need to read! Joe Torre is writing a book called “The Yankee Years”, and it talks about all the stuff than went on during his tenure from 1996-2007. Some highlight include–the weirdness of A-Fraud (his teammates called him that too!) and his “obsession” with Jeter, as well as his tumultuous relationship with George Steinbrenner…Sounds like a page turner…

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