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  • Archive for December, 2008

    December 11, 2008:
    So, how much is too much???

    As I mentioned yesterday, CC Sabathia got 161 million reasons to ignore his desire to go to the left coast–and will be the property of the Skanks for the next 7 years…This contract is the biggest ever given to a pitcher, averaging $23 million a year…Sabathia is 28 years old, which will make him about […]

    December 10, 2008:

    More to the story with “logo-gate”: WBZ speculated yesterday that the new logo could be the 2 red sox, rather than the long standing and iconic “B” the club currently has. Now, I love the 2 Sox–as a matter of fact, that will be my next tattoo, the one I said I would get in […]

    December 9, 2008:
    And what exactly does “Changes to the ballclub’s logo” mean???

    Apparently, on Thursday, the Sox will be showing off the “changes to the ballclub’s logos” and “select uniforms.” hmmm… The general consensus is that part of the change is probably just another alternate, like the red jersey’s the Sox wear during Spring Training, and for day games…but the changes to the logo concerns me–its been […]

    December 8, 2008:
    Let the Winter Meetings Begin!

    So the Winter Meetings began last night, and will end on Wednesday afternoon. And while nothing of note has happened yet, it will more than likely be the site of some major blockbuster deal… Last night at midnight WAS the deadline for teams to accept the proffered arbitration deals made by their current teams. The […]

    December 3, 2008:
    Weird Dream Week…

    So I have this dream last night that Theo signed Phillies Pat Burrell, and then traded Mike Lowell away–which makes absolutely NO sense, as Burrell is a Left Fielder and Mike Lowell is a 3rd baseman–and $14 million plus for a 4th outfielder is a bit much…. Its unfortunate that Theo is looking for a […]

    December 2, 2008:
    That time of year again…

    Seems like just yesterday that Jim Ed was thisclose to being (rightfully) inducted into the baseball Hall of Fame. But then he was 16 votes shy of the 75% needed to be voted And now, on this 15th and last try, we are all hopeful there will be enough of a final push to get […]

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