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  • December 12th, 2008

    December 12, 2008:
    Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me…

    Posted by Christine E. at 4:23 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comments (3)

    I hated the 80’s jersey in the 80s–it looks like a Skankee uniform…and I am sorry, while the “hanging sox” (as they are so named, apparently) are neat–I think all of the players wearing them is going to look mondo-stupid…MONDO…

    We all know that this is just another attempt to raise revenue for the team–hey, they did not raise ticket prices this year; they gotta pay for Mark Teixeira SOMEHOW…

    With all the resources at their disposal, you mean to tell me the Boston Red Sox could not come up with a better look than THIS?


    (reprinted from the Red Sox website)

    Can I just tell you now happy I am that my Mike Lowell jersey is the good kind–not the crappy new one…And my hat with the iconic “B” will be the one I keep…

    Thankfully the home whites have not changed-YET…

    Tonight at midnight is the deadline to tender contracts to any remaining unsigned players on the 40 man roster. Those players include: Kevin Youkilis, Jonathan Papelbon, Kevin Cash and Javier Lopez. Unless there is a complete and utter meltdown, Youk and Papelbon are a lock, and Lopez is pretty damn near. The only one I could see them not extending a contract to would be Kevin Cash. They can still negotiate with him at a future time, once the whole catcher situation is resolved….

    Speaking of the catching situation–its seems that Boras was being a bit disingenuous (No!) when he said the Sox made an offer to Jason Varitek. Apparently, the only “offer” they have made was to offer him arbitration, which of course he declined. That’s it. And, also, it seems that the Sox were actually surprised when he refused arbitration–cause he would probably make more there (about $11 million-ish) even if its only for 1 year—and would give him a chance to improve on this year’s abysmal numbers…And, at this point, there appears to be NOTHING else in the pipeline…Kinda feel bad for him–but that is part of what you get when you choose Satan as your manager–and hit .207 in a season…

    Now, something out of the blue could happen–and the Skankees catching status is still up in the air, as they wait to see how Jorge Posada recovers from him shoulder surgery…While I dont think ‘Tek is worth more than $8=9 million for 2 years (MAYBE with an option for a 3rd–MAYBE), it would suck royally if the Skanks paid stupid money for him–although not offensively…

    Despite the fact the Sox were believed to be not participating in the Rule 5 Draft yesterday, they managed to acquire right handed pitcher Miguel Gonzalez from the Angels. While he is primarily a reliever, he has started in the past….The rules of Rule 5 is that the player must stay on the 25 man roster for the whole season, or must be offered back to his original team for $25,000–1/2 what the purchasing paid for him…The Sox did not lose any of their unprotected players in the draft….

    Coming up: Hey, guess what? MORE waiting for something to happen!

    3 Responses to “December 12, 2008:
    Oh, you have GOT to be kidding me…”

    1. Evan Brunell says:

      Hey, I just put you on my blogroll. Could you put my Sox site on yours? Fire Brand of the American League can be found at firebrandal.com. Thanks!!

    2. Brad says:

      I don’t like the blue alternate, but I’ve long been of the opinion that teams should be barred from looking like they’re wearing batting practice jerseys outside of Spring Training. The red alternate remains an abomination, just the Braves’ red alt.

      I like the new road alternate, but I loved the ’80s road jersey, and I wish they would’ve gone all the way and used block letters on the front rather than the patented Red Sox font.

      While there are certainly similarities to the Yankees’ current road jersey, that’s because they’ve kept the style that pretty much every team used decades ago; really, it’s simply a classic road jersey.

      Regarding the catching situation, even if Varitek were willing to play for the Yankees (and I seriously doubt he would be), he wouldn’t be a player they’d pursue. While his game-calling skills are still legendary, his complete and utter lack of offense (.220/.313/.359) and his noodle arm (22% CS) mean that they’d more likely let Jose Molina catch 100 games again and seek a veteran placeholder until Frankie Cervelli is ready to shoulder some of the load. Assuming that Posada is in the lineup somewhere, they can deal with Molina’s 51 OPS+ considering that he’s a monster behind the plate.

    3. Ted says:

      Christine, I actually like the blue jersey; but that hat has got to go. Give me the B everytime.

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