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  • December 9th, 2008

    December 9, 2008:
    And what exactly does “Changes to the ballclub’s logo” mean???

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:38 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox Comment (1)

    Apparently, on Thursday, the Sox will be showing off the “changes to the ballclub’s logos” and “select uniforms.” hmmm… The general consensus is that part of the change is probably just another alternate, like the red jersey’s the Sox wear during Spring Training, and for day games…but the changes to the logo concerns me–its been in place practically forever, and its iconic–but I guess as long as no pretty stars are anywhere on the jersey, I’m OK with it…

    For some bizarre reason, the Rangers, or “Dark Bright Blue Team” (so named by my youngest stepdaughter) has most, if not all of the up and coming catchers–not sure why, but that is how it worked out. Gerald Laird, Jarrod Saltalamacchia, Taylor Teagarden, and Max Ramirez are all part of the Rangers system, and at last the 1st 3 the Sox have been looking at, if not for an out and out replacement for Jason Varitek, (if it comes to that) but perhaps as a mentoring deal–where they do the back up thing for a year or two, working with ‘Tek. (Which Theo considers the best way to go–and of course Varitek and Satan do not).

    But with the trade of one of those catchers to Detroit, who were reported to be looking at Varitek, and who are prone to overpaying for the wrong players (read: Dontrelle Willis and Ivan “There is only one Pudge–and it ain’t him” Rodriguez…) But now they trade 2 pitching prospects to Texas for Gerald Laird.

    So, now that Detroit is probably not looking for a catcher, which will probably impact Jason Varitek…Despite the fact that Satan is saying it actually improves his options–uh, how do you figure???

    And will the fact that the Rangers have 1 less catcher to play with; will that impact their willingness to deal one of the remaining to the Red Sox? The buzz is that Clay Buchholz is the player that will get the deal done. To which I reply: And this is a problem why? The kid has some flashes of brilliance (I have not forgotten the no-hitter) but, for the most part, it appears he cannot handle the pressure of the bigs…and do we need to talk about his 2-9, with a 6.75 ERA for the 2008 campaign???

    Get rid of him, while he still has some value….

    One would think that the Hall of Fame Veteran’s Committee would be a bit easier way to get into the Hall, as they would be better judges of fellow players, and would be sympathetic to the cause.

    Think again.

    The 64 voters (every living member of the Hall) decided that no one after 1942 past muster this time. As with the writer’s ballot, 75% (or 48 votes) are needed for induction. Ron Santo, former 3rd baseman for the Cubs, came the closest with 60.9&, or 39 votes…) Luis Tiant garnered 20.3%, or 13 votes…

    As usual, Tito Francona had made his appearance at the winter meetings, and checked in as far as his health goes. He had the knee surgery (“It’s like an oil change”) but decided to endure the numbness and tingling in his arms, as a result of his back problems: “…and I held off on my back just because I got a little scared. We’ll get it figured out. I’ve had enough opinions that I’m just not real comfortable going through it right now.”

    Only in Boston would Theo Epstein hold a press conference at the Winter Meetings to announce that there is really nothing going on, and chances are, nothing will be going on: “We’re not really optimistic about our chances of getting anything done while we’re here. We’re not really close to anything. We’re talking to some teams, we’re talking to some agents. But I wouldn’t expect anything to come out of these meetings, to be honest.”

    Injury update: Josh Beckett, who was on 6 weeks of rest from his (torn?) oblique injury, has started full body workouts with no restrictions–and appears to be pain free…

    Mike Lowell, who underwent hip surgery the day after the Sox were eliminated from the postseason, is completely on schedule, with the expectations that he can begin hitting drills in January, and will be ready to play when the season begins. From Theo: “…The report today from (trainer) Mike Reinhold is that he has better range of motion today than he has since he joined our ballclub…He’s ahead of schedule, he’s really impressed the doctors and rehab guys with where he is. He’ll start throwing pretty soon.”

    Apparently, if the Sox had made it to the World Series, Julio Lugo would have been fit to play. He will be playing in the Dominican League over the off-season, which will hopefully make he desirable to SOME team, so he and his crappy deference, and sucking, gaping hole offense will go away…

    Hardware for the GM: So Dustin Pedroia doesn’t get all the awards (it just seems that way…) Theo Epstein will be awarded the Major League Executive of the Year, the annual award by Baseball America. He will be honored in a ceremony this afternoon…

    Coming up: The Winter Meetings Continue….

    One Response to “December 9, 2008:
    And what exactly does “Changes to the ballclub’s logo” mean???”

    1. Ted says:

      Hi Christine! Sorry I haven’t been around in a while. Life really does come at you fast.

      I’m not happy about these “changes” I’ve read about. I hate it when people try to screw with a good thing; hopefully it won’t be as mad as I’m imagining.

      I guess you heard about our teenage friend; I’m not feeling as bad now about blowing her off my blog back in the Spring. Hope you and the family are well and I’m really sorry I haven’t been around much. I’ll try and keep up a little bit more.

      Hope all is well…


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