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  • November 7th, 2008

    November 7, 2008:
    The Hot Stove is A-Brewin’…

    Posted by Christine E. at 7:31 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    Tons and Tons of Randomness for the 1st Friday in November–one day shy of exactly 5 months ’till Opening Day (yes, I AM grasping at straws…)

    In honor of the 100-year anniversary of the opening of Fenway Park, MLB has asked that Fenway be the tentative site of the 2012 All-Star Game. The last one was the AMAZING one with Ted Williams as its centerpiece in 1999…the 2009 game will be held is St Louis, 2010, Anaheim, which means the All-Star game will probably begin at 10:00pm—wonderful…

    Anoher reason MLB wants to showcase Fenway is because of the multitude improvements the new ownership has made since 2002–and even more are planning for this off-season, including the lower seating bowl, which is the area that spans the first-base line to the third-base line, as well as the roof box seats in right field, which increases the capacity of Fenway by between 300 and 350 seats overall….

    Hardware Alert: In what will probably be another in a line of awards, Dustin Pedroia won his 1st Golden Glove Award for his defensive efforts during the 2008 campaign. In 157 games, he had a .992 fielding percentage, which is the 3rd highest for a 2nd baseman in club history (Bobby Doerr was the 2nd with .993, and Mark Loretta was 1st with .994)) this translates into 6 errors in 733 chances…From Pedroia: “It’s unbelievable. I didn’t really set expectations on myself when I got up to the Major Leagues. The first two years have gone by so fast. I just kind of put my head down and work as hard as I can. When it’s 7 o’clock, or 1 o’clock, whenever we play, I just go out there and play as hard as I can. That’s the kind of attitude I’m going to take every single day of my whole career. I put the blinders on and just work as hard as I can, and hopefully, I’ll just continue to be a better player.” He is the only member of the Red Sox who received
    the honor this year, with Kevin Youkilis getting the hardware in 2007…

    Other American League players receiving the award:

    Pitcher: Mike Mussina, Skanks

    Catcher: Joe Mauer, Minnesota

    1B: Carlos Pena, Tampa Bay

    3B: Adrian Beltre, Seattle

    SS: Michael Young, Rangers

    OF: Torii Hunter, Angels, Grady Sizemore, Cleveland, and Ichiro Suzuki, Seattle

    And in case you were wondering–November 18th is the date of the AL MVP award announcement…

    Nothing super interesting came of the General Managers Meetings, as pretty much per usual, as its usually the time where groundwork is laid for bigger splashes at the Winter Meetings and the like…but some interesting things DID occurr.:

    The Dodgers have offered Manny a 2-3 year contract of big money–the “2nd highest amount for a player in history” Which means it’s between 22.5 and 27.5 million a year-which is a strange way to pick a number. But apparently, Manny wants to play (or at least get paid a ridiculous amount of money for) for SIX more years! And with Satan as his agent, I would not be the least bit surprised if he gets that from the Skanks-and then he’ll WISH he was back in Boston, the place where were was “never comfortable”

    Speaking of Satan-he is holding onto his position that Jason Varitek should get a 4 year/$52 million contract (like Jorge Posada got last year)-which is $12 MORE than the Sox paid him 4 years ago-when he was younger, and a better hitter. Don’t get me wrong-I would like nothing else than to see `Tek behind the plate in 2009-but not for that money….But what is worse, that some people are suggesting picking up Ivan Rodriguez…UGH..are you kidding me?? The Skanks spent a TON of money on him as a rental in 08, and he he did buptkus, hitting .219 with 2 homers in 96 at bats…

    While the fact that there are possible suitors for Coco Crisp (thanks to his stellar performance during the postseason, and his faboo glove in centerfield) is not really a surprise–there are actually people who are interested in JULIO LUGO! Holy Buckets, the shortstop field must be VERY slim pickings! Khalil Green of the Padres may also be out there, with the Sox having interest there…

    Tonight: The Red Sox Hall of Fame Dinner is underway, with 1st baseman Mo Vaughn, left fielder Mike Greenwell, pitchers Bill “The Spacemen” Lee, Frank Sullivan, Wes Ferrell, shortstop Everett Scott, scout George Digby (the 1st scout to achieve this honor), the late Ed Kenney Sr., who was part of the Red Sox Farm system will be inducted into the Red Sox Hall of Fame….

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