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  • Archive for October, 2008

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 7:
    Gray Cat Mojo…

    Special Thanks to my 2 gray cats, Alexander and Salem, who intently stared at the TV screen during the 9th inning, causing the error that got Youkilis to 2nd base, and the base hit JD Drew hit to score him…. Scattered and Random Thoughts in the Aftermath: HOLY…BUCKETS!!! I am STILL in shock! THAT was […]

    October 16, 2008:
    Is Tonight the Last Game of 2008?

    At this point, if the Sox do not advance, what happened last night will make THAT pill much easier to swallow: The Phillies beat the Dodgers, 5-1, to claim the National League Pennant, due in large part to Raphael Furcal channeling Julio Lugo and making THREE errors in the 5th inning. This is the Phillies […]

    Red Sox 4, Tampa Bay 13:
    And Now its TEN…

    …Homeruns that Red Sox pitching has given up in this ALCS. Get out the Fork–and stick it in this team–They…Are…Done… Holy Buckets! What the hell happened in the span of a WEEK? Is this REALLY the same Boston Red Sox team that beat the Angels, who won 100 games in 2008? And exactly what I […]

    Red Sox 1, Tampa Bay 9:
    The Reverse Lock Strikes Again!

    I had a feeling this might happen–everyone was just…a…little…too…confident that Jon Lester was going to win this game, and Matt Garza was going to crash and burn… And of course, The Reverse Lock engages and Jon Lester gets lit up (5 2/3 innings of 8 hit, 5 run ball, while striking out 7 and walking […]

    Red Sox 8, Tampa Bay 9–In 11 Innings:
    You didn’t really think it could be that easy,
    did you?

    While walking out of the Trop with a split was more than the Sox could hope for, as Tampa Bay has dominated them there, (They only won 1 game, started by Daisuke no less) I was more surprised that the win came at the hands of a brilliant 7 inning scoreless outing by Daisuke (although […]

    October 10, 2009:
    A Day of Red Sox Postseason Baseball!

    After 4 days of waiting…about freakin time… Daisuke! Lester! Beckett! Wakefield! There you have it folks–the rotation for the 7 game series that is the ALCS. This seems to make the most sense as well, in terms on rest between starts–with Daisuke and Lester getting 6 days, Josh Beckett gets 5…From Tito: “The reasoning is […]

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