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  • October 30th, 2008

    October 30, 2008:
    The Phillies win it…in 5 1/2?

    Posted by Christine E. at 12:31 pm in Baseball,Random Thoughts,Red Sox No Comments

    In what will go down as the WEIRDEST World Series in History (the fact that it was the Tampa Bay Rays and the Phillies, notwithstanding), in the battle of the teams with the pretty stars on their jerseys, the Philadelphia Phillies are the 2008 World Series Champions, beating Tampa Bay 4-3 last night…and it took them 5.5 games to do it…

    And its a good thing that this World Series was the weirdest (where it took 3 days to play 1 game), cause it would have went down as the most boring and irrelevant….Sorry, Phillies and Rays fans…but obviously others felt this way as well, as theses games were some of the poorest watched in television history…

    And now we are to the “no baseball at all” point in our program…and that royally sucks…

    Some random thoughts:

    What is the big attraction to Jake Peavey? I mean really? I know he won the NL Cy Young last year, but his record for that year (19-6 with a 2.54 ERA) was his most winning season to date. 2004 was his closest with a 15-6 record, and a 2.27 ERA He is 0-2 with a 12.10 ERA in 2 postseason games–and have never pitched anywhere but the National League…Would he be a nice to have? Absolutely. BUT, is he worth the BIG money someone is going to pay him? At this point, I would say no, especially since if he goes to an AL team, there will be that “year of transition” (even Beckett went through it) that is SO not worth the money. I bet some team (hopefully not the Sox) will pay $18-22 million for 5-6 years for this guy…and that is just crazy….

    And for the record, getting Mark Teixeira sounds like a super idea–until you get to the part where Mike Lowell would have to be traded, and Youk would be moving over to 3rd…

    I KNOW baseball is a business, but I just think it CRAPPY when a team signs a player for a couple of years, and then turns around a TRADES them–like they did with Bronson Arroyo–for Wily Mo…And we all know how THAT turned out…

    Apparently, the general consensus on Big Papi and his severe reduction in production was that he wrist was not fully healed after this injury in June/July–even from Big Papi: “I’m just going to try to get my hand stronger and chill out for a minute and come back ready to go, like I know how, next year.” And Theo: “He’s another player that I think will benefit from rest and from a really good off-season…He played through a lot and is another guy who deserves a lot of credit for putting in a lot of effort to come back and help this team…I look forward to seeing him strong and rested going into next season.” Lets hope so, he is only 32 years old, I woudl hate to think that this decline is permanent…

    Today is day 1 of the 15 day window where applicable players may file for Free Agency may file–wonder if Manny has done so already… These 15 days is also the window where the Free Agent to be’s current club has exclusive negotiating rights to the player…

    Coming up: Some important dates in November:

    Red Sox Hall of Fame Induction Gala on November 7th

    Hardware Awards:

    Rookie of the Year (AL & NL) November 10

    NL Cy Young: November 11

    Manager of the Year (AL & NL) November 12

    AL Cy Young: November 13

    NL MVP: November 17

    AL MVP: November 18 (Dustin Pedroia?)

    And HOW many days until April 6th???

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